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1st December 2017 - Meteorological Winter

Winter - Jean Antoine Houdon


20th Novemeber 2017 -

Laughter the best medicine.

Putin must have choked on his cornflakes with laughter when he
read the latest about Brexit. Now apparently the Remoaners are saying
that we voted Brexit because Putin brainwashed us all. Same as people
in America voted Trump due to Russian influence in their media.

So let me get this straight, all the politicians, the businesses and the media
including the Biased Broadcasting Company (aka the BBC) couldn’t
persuade the British people to remain in Europe with all their money and
control and neither could the rich and powerful backers of Hillary Clinton
with the hatchet job they did on Trump persuade the American people to vote
for her and all because Putin put a few advertisements in the media.

If that is the case we in the West should lay down all our weapons now and let
Putin run the Western World as he is far too clever for all our business leaders
and politicians. In fact I’m surprised he hasn’t already persuaded us to do just
that considering how much influence he has over us all.

These must be desperate times for those in society on the losing sides, Remainers
and Democrats, to come up with such derisory arguments and worrying for the rest
of us as they try to undermine the democratic process. Do they only believe in
the democracy when they are the winners?


18th Novemeber 2017 -

Time to celebrate the end of Murderer Mugabe?

Blair Mugabe

Those in league with the devil live a long time.

It's the age, old story of money and power and the slide into corruption.
We can only hope that all the people in Zimbabwe can now find a better

Blair and Mugabe should have read Shelley's poem on Futility

I met a traveller from an antique land,
Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelley


10th Novemeber 2017 -

Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs,
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots,
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of gas-shells dropping softly behind.

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time,
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime.—
Dim through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin;
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,—
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patria mori.
Latin phrase is from the Roman poet Horace:
“It is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country.”


6th Novemeber 2017 -

The Paradise Papers - Paradise Lost

A never ending story of greed and immorality.

Sadly with the revelations in the Bermuda Paradise Papers we can
see again the extent of global corruption which successive governments
worldwide have done nothing to curtail and have in fact brought in
legislation to help these grasping individuals and corporations to avoid
paying tax. The Apple Corporation is by far the worst example but
they are not alone.

Even the British Queen, the head of state, has been squirrelling away
her millions to avoid paying tax to fund our schools, our Health service,
to help the poor and the old.

It is estimated that between 300 billion and 600 billion dollars is avoided
in tax every year, yes every year; money that should be going to all of us
to provide a better world.

It is legal because the rich make the rules with their friends in governments.
A civilised world would not allow the rich to become richer on the backs of
the less well off in society but we live in a very sick world where capitalism
is out of control.


4th Novemeber 2017 - Safe and happy bonfire night

The EU Parliament this time!


28 October 2017

WHO for Sale?

The Devil Mugabe


If you ever doubted that the most loathsome and corrupt individuals
get to the top of world institutions you only need to look at the recent
appointment of Robert (butcher) Mugabe as goodwill ambassador to the
World Health Organisation (WHO). Mugabe is a man who has starved,
massacred, executed and destroyed his own people by the hundreds of
thousands while he and his obnoxious family spend millions on luxuries.
There is no care and certainly no health care in his country.

They have withdrawn the offer to Mugabe due to a massive backlash but
the new head of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, has not been
sacked. So either he was bribed by Mugabe or he hasn’t read any news
for the last 20 years, both scenarios make this man unsuitable for any
office in any country let alone a world institution. The world MUST
remove this man but of course they won’t.

What next making Jacob Zuma the head of the World Bank?

I weep with you Nelson Mandela.

The bigger the institution the less oversight and the more corrupt they are
especially if there is vast amounts of money involved; FIFA (football), the
IOC (Olympics), BANKS, the UN, the EU; all corrupt through and through.

This is our world, a world for all of us, we must take it back from the greedy
corrupt individuals that have taken more than they could ever spend in a
thousand lifetimes and continue to take it. We are all being fleeced, robbed,
mugged, cheated by the most disgusting human beings on this planet.

They put the evil in devil.

We must fight to take back our world!

*********************************************** 22 October 2017

In memoriam Daphne Caruana Galizia and Western Democracy.


We must all cry for Justice or cry for the lack of justice and the death of
democracy. Cry for this brave, beautiful women and mother who stood
for decency and honesty, cry for her three sons; not murdered by your
run of the mill gangster but by politicians and businessmen.

We cannot let this lie! We cannot let her lie in her coffin without justice.
We should all be outraged; it is the end of what is left of the vestiges of our
freedom in a ‘modern’ Europe if we let the respectable, suit-wearing men in
government and in business kill those that fight against corruption.

So what are the European Union going to do about the gangster state of Malta;
nothing!, for the leaders are the same suit wearing men and women with the
same deadly business associates. They are busy lining their own pockets and
the pockets of their family and friends. They have a long history of never
investigating the corruption at the heart of the EU e.g. where do the billions
go every year that are not accounted for; how do so many commissioners
and other EU officials become millionaires on a civil servants pay and
now the death of the brave Daphne Caruana Galizia who was a vocal
critic of the Malta’s corrupt political and business elite. We could have
guessed Malta was a rotten state, Tony Blair has just been toadying up
to the Prime Minister there.

Why aren’t there questions in the UK parliament, forget the toothless, craven EU.
We should demand sanctions against Malta until a full and thorough investigation
is carried out and the real perpetrators brought to justice. Britain should act on its
own, it has a long, proud, democratic history which is more than can be said for
most of the countries in the EU.

Where are the brave, investigative journalists that Britain and the West used to pride
itself on?
Hiding behind their safe studio desks, collecting their extortionate salaries, reading
the sanitised rubbish from the autocue and sneering at anyone that doesn’t agree with
their puerile, left wing ‘liberal’ agenda. Their world is secure even if the left wing
raving lunatics of Corbyn, McDonnell and Co. are elected and destroy the economy,
they can retire on their fat pensions to their foreign homes. We can’t rely on them to
find these evil, white collar criminals.

We may think we have freedom but just try standing up to the state or the rich and
powerful and we quickly find that Might and Money are Right. Who amongst us is
brave enough to stand up for real freedom and democracy not this illusion where we
have all been bought off with electronic gadgets to keep us happy, like the shiny beads
they used to sell the Red Indians, while the politicians and criminals abscond with the
real wealth. Daphne Caruana Galizia was brave enough, don’t let her die in vain.


13 October 2017

Stop the hatred and killing.

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd


1 October 2017


It was my thirtieth year to heaven
Woke to my hearing from harbour and neighbour wood
And the mussel pooled and the heron
Priested shore
The morning beckon
With water praying and call of seagull and rook
And the knock of sailing boats on the webbed wall
Myself to set foot
That second
In the still sleeping town and set forth.

My birthday began with the water-
Birds and the birds of the winged trees flying my name
Above the farms and the white horses
And I rose
In a rainy autumn
And walked abroad in shower of all my days
High tide and the heron dived when I took the road
Over the border
And the gates
Of the town closed as the town awoke.

A springful of larks in a rolling
Cloud and the roadside bushes brimming with whistling
Blackbirds and the sun of October
On the hill's shoulder,
Here were fond climates and sweet singers suddenly
Come in the morning where I wandered and listened
To the rain wringing
Wind blow cold
In the wood faraway under me.

Pale rain over the dwindling harbour
And over the sea wet church the size of a snail
With its horns through mist and the castle
Brown as owls
But all the gardens
Of spring and summer were blooming in the tall tales
Beyond the border and under the lark full cloud.
There could I marvel
My birthday
Away but the weather turned around.

It turned away from the blithe country
And down the other air and the blue altered sky
Streamed again a wonder of summer
With apples
Pears and red currants
And I saw in the turning so clearly a child's
Forgotten mornings when he walked with his mother
Through the parables
Of sunlight
And the legends of the green chapels

And the twice told fields of infancy
That his tears burned my cheeks and his heart moved in mine.
These were the woods the river and the sea
Where a boy
In the listening
Summertime of the dead whispered the truth of his joy
To the trees and the stones and the fish in the tide.
And the mystery
Sang alive
Still in the water and singing birds.

And there could I marvel my birthday
Away but the weather turned around. And the true
Joy of the long dead child sang burning
In the sun.
It was my thirtieth
Year to heaven stood there then in the summer noon
Though the town below lay leaved with October blood.
O may my heart's truth
Still be sung
On this high hill in a year's turning.

Dylan Thomas


26 September 2017

Laura Kuenssberg needs a bodyguard at the Labour Party Conference - Labour supporters don't believe in balanced reporting and free speech.

Kinnock and Blair got rid of the left wing anti-democratic militants in the party only for the rabble rouser Kim Jong Corbyn to let them back in under the new name of Momentum. Corbyn who tries to present himself as a decent and honest old man turns out to be as slippery as any politician when you try and pin him down on practically any subject. He’s had a good few million out of the public purse in salary and expenses and will get a gold plated pension but he still says that he doesn’t consider himself wealthy on his salary of £170k a year. A typical socialist.

Like the Venezuelan politician who resigned from Chavez’s socialist government saying that when the socialists politician talked about redistribution of wealth he didn’t realise that it meant all the wealth would be redistributed to themselves. It’s George Orwell’s Animal Farm – once they get into power they can’t help themselves just look at Blair, Kinnock and Mandelson all who become extraordinarily wealthy. Don’t let these people fool you they are only in it for themselves and have no idea how to run a modern successful economy.

Quotes from John Mcdonnell
"If we have to, close off Parliament Square with thousands of people turning up, close off Westminster Bridge.
We used to call it insurrection. Now we're polite and say it's direct action. Let's get back to calling it what it is. It's insurrection."

Referring to the coalition, he said: "We want to bring this Government down by whatever means we have to bring it down. If that means calling every community organisation to demonstrate on the same day about a vast range of issues to bring this country to a standstill, let's start organising for it now.'
This man is clearly not fit to sit in in a modern democratic parliament.

As for wanting to take us back to the misery of the 1970s with badly run nationalised Industries and the Unions back with all their powers, when Britain was the sick man of Europe due to continuous strikes, I can only say that they have become a party that is truly bankrupt of ideas.


05 August 2017

The Rot of Western Society

Recent headline story – Not enough money, not enough specialists to care for the huge increase in disturbed young people.

Money that is to mask the symptoms not tackle the causes. Any in depth analysis, any thinking being much too difficult for the modern air-headed, sound-bite journalist.

The media always complaining, always criticising the incumbent governments for nor having a bottomless pit of resources to deal with a decadent and declining society; that is, the inane and irresponsible media that is hastening our decay.

The traditional media sold out to populism a long time ago and now reports a sanitised view of the world, if it reports the real stories at all. There’s too much money in nice, middle class journalism that disturbs no-one.

To get back to the headline - the reason there is a huge increase in mentally deranged young people is because of the expansion of different kind of media, social media which for many young people has become a world that is a virtual nightmare. These massive, corporate, money making social media sites are killing our young people. They make vast amounts of money at the expense of our young people.

If young people would get their faces out of their arses, as in looking at facebook, youtube, twitter and all the other crass social media sites, they might find there is a fantastic real world out there and not just a virtual world. Interaction with real people and the real world is self and life affirming; constant interaction with a screen is deathly. These corporate giants are making vast sums of money out of your misery.

I despair to see most people and not just young people constantly with their faces in their phones; it is making you ILL. Look up people, there is a blue sky, there are trees, there are flowers, there are other human beings, there is a magnificent and beautiful REAL world out there. Switch off the screens; face reality. Live in the real world.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower 
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand 
And Eternity in an hour

30 July 2017

The BBC, George Orwell, Animal Farm and the Pigs

What have the publicly funded trendy, left-wing, multi-millionaires at the BBC put on for us to watch tonight?

Just as I thought the usual rubbish – guess they don’t watch it – they can afford not to and after paying their wages I guess they have no money left for decent programs.

Who and when did they say that people who work for the BBC should be paid disgusting amounts of public money; put their hand into everyone’s pocket and steal their hard-earned cash?

They have become, through our money, your typical champagne socialist – do as I say not as I do.

When do any of these millionaires question if they are being paid too much from the public purse but they are quite happy to preach to the rest of us knowing full well they have a gold-plated job and a gold-plated pension which for all their professed socialist ideals they have absolutely no intention of giving up one penny of.

If the people had a vote on it they would say sack the lot of the greedy bastards; they add absolutely nothing to the benefit of society.

How does reading an autocue or talking about football or any of the inane activities these millionaires undertake warrant being paid these astronomical salaries?

It’s yet another corrupt institution controlled by the greedy rich, for the greedy rich which the public fund yet have no control over.

Same as football, same as Olympics, same as the EU, same as the UN etc. etc.

The time must be coming when the people can put an end to all this corruption.


9 June 2017

The Modern Messiah, JC reincarnated, beard and all.

No fool like an old fool who believes he speaks TRUTH.


11 Dec. 2016

Bit Rich

Blair and Bush destabilised the Middle East for self aggrandisement. The fallout of their egotistical, self-serving behaviour was the so called ‘Arab Spring’ trumpeted throughout the West (especially by the ludicrous BBC) but which never happened. Muslims and the Arab world are a unique culture, alien to Western democracies, opposed to Western culture. Blair’s and Bush’s arrogance wanted to impose our ‘great’ Western values on these ancient cultures and expected them to be grateful for being saved from themselves. However the opposite has become true; they have become more rooted in the traditions of Islam. The backlash against the Western promoted Arab Spring is now in full swing.

The Sunnis and other groups pushed out of Iraq by Bush and Blair went to Syria and became ISIS and other warring, militant groups that have caused the ruin of Syrian society as we have seen the ruin of other Arab countries in the region thanks to Western interference. So it is a bit rich to now accuse the Russians of causing devastation in Syria when they are legitimately supporting their ally. Russia didn’t start the destruction, Blair and Bush did. No wonder Putin feels aggrieved and belligerent at the bad press he gets in the West.

Not long ago we sent women and children down the mines and killed each other in World Wars. The West creates weapons of mass destruction including cluster bombs that kill indiscriminately women and children. We supply arms to all sorts of unsavoury regimes that oppress minorities and even their own people, like Egypt and Saudi Arabia to name a couple. Yet we think we are the moral voice of the world. We assume the moral high ground because we have the military ascendancy and control the organs of propaganda. Might is right. When we go to war it is always legitimate and our actions are always ethical. It is George Orwell’s 1984 where we must have enemies to fear to keep the population in check.

It is not the Russians we should fear or any other nation of people but power in the hands of wealthy, self interested groups that can prey on the shallow ego of a Blair or a Bush that can lead us into an expensive, pointless war or to destruction. It is only the military conglomerates that gain in the end. Trump wants to open a dialogue with Putin; that’s the right idea, the right approach for all countries, ‘jaw-jaw’ is better than ‘war-war’ as Churchill said. Face to face talks and real information is always better than the cheap propaganda practised in Western countries.

We in the advanced Western democracies must stop the ludicrous and childish belief that we are somehow better and morally superior to all other nations. All of us comprise the rich diversity that is humanity. We must let other cultures develop in their own time and in their own way without interference from the West and we must show genuine respect.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Dec. 2016

Slave Labour

"You know that capital oppresses the labourer. The labourers with us, the peasants, bear all the burden of labour, and are so placed that however much they work they can’t escape from their position of beasts of burden. All the profits of labour, on which they might improve their position, and gain leisure for themselves, and after that education, all the surplus values are taken from them by the capitalists. And society’s so constituted that the harder they work, the greater the profit of the merchants and landowners, while they stay beasts of burden to the end. And that state of things must be changed.”

This was written by Leo Tolstoy in the 1870s and although life has got much better relatively since those times, we are now sliding back into this huge gap between the Haves and the Have-nots. Since the chartists in the 1830s, right up to the end of the twentieth century there was huge political and social change, including two World Wars, to provide a fairer and better society for everyone. With globalisation that has changed and the working man and woman is sliding back into poverty with little social mobility.

The ruling Establishments throughout the Western World is now run by the rich for the rich and has become totally out of touch with ordinary working people. They would never have given the people a referendum on leaving the European Union if they had thought there was any chance of their losing. The Establishments are backed by the organs of propaganda, the media, and the self absorbed Luvvies who read their lines from the establishment autocue and woe betide any of them who express a different opinion; they are hounded out of the limelight, the flashbulbs of the paparazzi, by their fellow Luvvies.

The rise of the Luvvies, the idiotic froth on the top of society, is an indication of how diseased our society has become, when these talentless, overpaid, under-worked and not very bright people are given a voice. Even comedians, who stemmed from the working classes and used to be satirists on all sides of the debate, have joined the Luvvie gang and are no longer funny as they poke fun at working people’s genuine concerns for their future and their children’s future. ‘Have I Got News for you’ and ‘Mock the Week’ used to be leading edge political satire but they have fallen into line and become the voice of the wealthy, the ‘I’m all right jack’ establishment, playing to the metropolitan elite.

The hard working men and women of this country, who make this country great, are not racist or ignorant as these self-satisfied comedians and Luvvies make out. The Luvvies and the rich of this country live in multi-million pound well-heated houses; they go to expensive restaurants, wear the best clothes (handbags worth thousands of pounds) and jet off on holiday a few times a year; all paid for by slave labour in India, China and other third world countries that these wealthy Luvvies pay no heed to.

Is it too much to ask for what working people want? A home they can afford and afford to heat, a job that isn’t under constant threat from cheap foreign labour, good schools with a fair and equitable future for their children and care and dignity in old age. This is not being provided by the European Union or by globalisation.

If the will of the people is ignored then democracy is dead, as I suspect it is anyway, and we are back in Feudal times. Unfortunately when there is discontent among the masses and the rich mock and jeer at the people it leads to anarchy and war as we have seen so often throughout history. Once more like in Tolstoy’s Russia we live in unjust times; we must take up the struggle again and force a change to get a fairer slice of the pie.


27 Nov 2016

Fake News

There have been a lot of stories recently about ‘fake’ news on the internet with some of the 'hard of thinking' going as far as to say that the fake news stories helped Trump to win the American presidency.

Most people are intelligent enough to know that all news is fake whether it comes out of official organs like newspapers and television or from the internet. Happy, ordinary stories don’t sell papers or get people tuned in so all media have to make up stories that stretch the truth to make it more appetizing. All organs of news are into sensationalism, that’s what sells, it’s big money; it’s a huge industry with vast salaries. They don’t want people on the internet cashing in, showing that in reality all news is fake. All outlets for news have their own slant or their own agenda like the BBC which is left wing, bordering on fascism, as it doesn’t allow for opposing opinions.

It is only people in the media, politicians and people who claim to be experts that think people are fooled by the media or by politicians. I have news for them; people are clever enough to make up their own minds that’s why they voted for Brexit and for Trump despite the best efforts of the wealthy liberal elite who control most organs of the media.

So the media circus of lies, bigotry and bias goes on with fake stories on the internet playing a small but at least humorous part. The media extravaganza needs to be reined in, curtailed; there is just too much news, too much disinformation which means most people no longer listen. That is the danger when people can no longer trust journalists or the media to deliver a balanced view; that is how extremism flourishes.

The left wing ‘liberal’ elite have become fascists, not allowing anyone to have an opinion that doesn’t conform to their views. For example anyone who says that we need to control our borders is immediately branded a racist. This childish behaviour, this inability to hold a rational argument, causes anger and resentment and leads to extreme behaviour.

The News industry is an industry of fantasy, of make believe, that pretends it is the voice of truth; it's time it grew up or returned to the days of real journalism.


Nov 2016

Betrayed by the rich.
Betrayed by a judiciary no longer fit for purpose in the 21st century.

3 privileged establishment judges, 3 rich, insulated, shielded from the real world, ivory tower judges; judges that have contacts with Europe, judges that are wealthy beyond most peoples’ imagination; judges that have no idea what poverty is, have the stood against the democratic will of he people, against the 17 million that voted to leave the European Union. This they say is democracy.

The judiciary is supposedly independent but don’t these judges as ‘human’ beings have a view on whether Britain should leave or remain in the Europe. Of course they do and as the vast majority of people from the wealthy classes they want to remain in Europe; Europe is and has been a great benefit to the wealthy, judges included. The rest of us have not progressed and are now going backwards.

Isn’t it ironic that a hedge fund manager, someone who earns hundreds of millions through the EU and doesn’t want us to leave Europe because it will hurt her and her friends’ bank balance brought this legal case. Most of us, that is those with normal levels of remuneration do not have access to any legal redress at all; there is only law for the rich and no law for the poor; even the police no longer investigate ‘poor’ crime.

They say the judiciary is independent and therefore keeps democracy in check. It is a good idea in theory unless the judges get too fat and rich by being part of the establishment which is now the case. It is one law for the rich and no law for the rest of us. We live in a world where judges only represent the rich.

We cannot allow 3 judges representing the wealthy to dictate to the 17 million who voted for a better future where we can control our borders and our destiny.

The vote out was just the first step, the reactionary forces are at work. We must fight on to ensure that Britain regains its full sovereignty and we defeat the establishment of the self-obsessed rich.


Oct 2016
Housing, Housing, Housing.

We need more social housing. The bill for Housing Benefit in this country is now an eye-watering £26 billion and rising. The bulk of this money goes to private landlords who are not renting their properties out as a charity but as a business; they are making money out of a basic need for shelter. That is not a problem where the properties are well maintained and the rent is fair but in too many cases private landlords are providing poor accommodation at an exorbitant rent. There also has to be a balance between public and private accommodation; the state should not be paying £26 billion to private individuals.

Margaret Thatcher wanted a nation of homeowners which is an admirable idea but it worked too well and now buying a ‘private’ house is out of reach for many in society. When she sold off the council houses she missed a trick by not using the money to build more.

The state has a duty to provide shelter for the population but successive governments have failed in their duty. The Government has to allow local authorities to build more social housing that way the bulk of the £26 billion would be returned to the state to maintain the properties and to build more houses. It’s a win, win scenario. They don’t have to be the bleak council housing estates of the 1950s and 1960s, planning and building techniques have moved on since then.

After a period of time in a council built house, say five years, the occupier could be given the option to purchase the property with the caveat that if it is sold in the next ten or twenty years after purchase then any profits are shared with the state on a sliding scale of tenure. Again any money would go back to maintaining properties and building new ones. Something of this nature could be set out to make it profitable to all concerned and the great concept of people being able to own their own home would carry on.

Now is the time to stimulate the economy by having a massive building programme and providing the people of this country homes fit to live in.


Oct 2016
You have to ask yourself - What has the EU ever done for the majority of working people?

Housing is expensive; people can’t afford to get on the housing ladder and get ripped off by unscrupulous Landlords. There is a shortage of housing and much of the housing is poor.

Gas and Electric are expensive – people, especially pensioners are afraid to heat their house and die in the cold – they have to decide to heat or eat.

And if you get sick the hospitals are full and on their knees.

And when you get old there is very poor social care. Care homes are closing as fast as pubs; there is no money in the old.

The education system is run down and patchy at best – the wealthy, including politicians, play the system and move to catchment areas where schools are good leaving the rest of us to put up with poor standard schools.

Universities cost a fortune £9,000 a year and rising for tuition alone, even the bright children are put off from going only the rich can afford it.

There is little social mobility, there is a little club that passes all the best jobs around whether in politics or in business.

Wages are stagnant for ordinary working people but have risen astronomically for senior management.

Workers have fewer rights as it is now much easier to replace a worker with a cheaper European alternative. Driving down wages for the less well off and increasing profits for business.

We spend a whopping £258 billion on benefits of which £100 billion is spent on pensions and disability; the rest, £158 billion is spent on the unemployed and subsidising the poorly paid in tax credit and housing benefits. Yet all these companies where we are subsidising the poorly paid, M&S, Sainsbury, Tesco, Arcadia, Costa etc. make massive profits and give the profits to their wealthy shareholders. In other words we are subsidising the rich through our taxes.

We have many unemployed and underemployed yet we have millions of overseas workers. 6 foreign workers can afford to live cheaply in one room and send money home; indigenous workers have strive for a life here, to support themselves and a family.

Only 48% of people are net contributors to the Tax system; the rest take money out.

Big business, global corporations, are allowed to get away with paying little tax, the money going back to the already wealthy.

The UK is the fifth biggest economy but it is only working for business and a small percentage of the population; the rest of us have had few if any of the benefits.

In this rush to attract business and greedy entrepreneurs, to create wealth for the few, the majority of people have been neglected.

You may say:

Petrol is cheap - currently because of OPEC and Fracking and not because of the EU.

Goods are cheaper - because the EU make deals with countries like China where the people are treated like slaves so they produce cheap goods for the West.

Food is cheap – it was cheaper and of better quality before the EU.

No wars in Europe – well there have been while we stood by – remember Bosnia. If the only way to stop wars in Europe is by allowing Germany and France to dictate to the rest of us then I’m out.

In conclusion - the EU is an organisation run by the rich for the rich and is totally undemocratic.

What do we need to do? Take back ownership of our great country and make it work for everyone not just the rich elite. We have made a start with Brexit, the Great Escape; we now must ensure our elected MPs don’t sell us out again.

We can start making again and not importing!


Project Fear

Project Fear is still going on; the EU Remain group (aka remoaners) are trying to
frighten people into accepting ‘Soft Brexit’ where we stay in the European single
market with similar conditions that we had before the vote. The ‘Remoaners’ say
we’ll all be a great deal poorer outside of the single market; you would almost
think, by the way they talk, that we are all going to starve. They are so
undemocratic that they will not accept that the people have voted to get out of
EU single market, with its free movement of people, altogether.

They say the British people were lied to and that’s why they voted to leave.
Never, politicians that lie! Surely unheard of!
As if people are so stupid they can’t make up their own mind about a totally
corrupt and undemocratic EU. They also say that those that voted out are racist,
knuckle dragging troglodytes and should not have been given the vote.

It is no surprise that by far the biggest percentage of any demographic group who
voted to stay in Europe were the rich elite. They gained the most from the EU
and therefore had most to lose. The lower the socio-economic group the bigger
the percentage vote to leave the EU,i.e. those that have suffered the most
because of the EU through lack of housing, decline in the Health Service, decline
in Education, low wages and job insecurity. It is an EU that has totally washed its
hands of the poor in the developed parts of Europe. It is easy to have high
sounding principals and ideals when you are rich, safe and secure much harder
when you struggle to put a roof over your head and food on the table.

The BBC run by the left wing, liberal elite with safe jobs, high salaries and pensions
is at the forefront of Project Fear, the very trumpet blower. You may note that on
political programmes in general and on political discussion programmes in
particular such as Question Time and Any Question they load the panel with
‘Remoaners’ so they can peddle their agenda of fear of what will happen to us
outside of Europe. The rich elite including the BBC are still trying to manipulate
the people so that they can keep the status quo and make sure none of their
extorted wealth trickles down to the poorest in society. They want Soft Brexit if
Brexit at all, where we still have to accept most EU laws, free movement of
people and still contribute to the EU to get access to the free market i.e. no
different than what we had before we voted out and in fact much worse for everyone except the wealthy.

The EU has watched the divide between rich and poor grow to obscene levels and has
done nothing about it and has no intention of doing anything about it. Juncker,
(Drunkard) EU Commission President, is too busy enjoying his wine and brandy
over breakfast in his five star hotel, while the Greeks starve, the Spanish youth
have lost a generation to unemployment and the Italians are sinking under
the weight of the free for all immigration policy as result of Merkel’s madness.

We must not listen to the fear mongers who are selfish and undemocratic. We must
have ‘Hard Brexit’, make our own way in the world and look after all the people
in this country not just the greedy rich. People voted to get out of the
undemocratic EU for democratic reasons, to get back control of our borders and
our laws not because they thought that they would become wealthy overnight.

My only Fear is that the politicians will make some half-hearted, gutless deal that will
put us in a much worse situation than being in the EU. We must make sure that
the politicians do not backslide and are not browbeaten by the rich, fronted by
the BBC but stick to the task to take us out of the EU dictatorship and out of the
repressive single market.

Let we the people that voted to 'leave' hold fast against the forces of Project Fear
and make sure Britain becomes independent again, free from the tyranny of the EU. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

****** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Labour in the Wilderness (again)

They’ve hit the self destruct button; voting Corblimey in again.
The evil-eyed, shadow chancellor John McDonnell (Ronnie MacDonald’s brother) has spoken at conference
He’s going to borrow £500 billion and splurge it
He’s going to put all adults on benefits whether they want it or not
How’s he going to pay for his reckless spending spree?
He’s going to soak the rich
He’s going to soak business
He’s going to soak anyone with a house or with any other assets
He’s going grind everyone into poverty except the Labour Party Politburo
It’s all comrades, directives, the executive, brothers and sisters, the proletariat, unions and union bosses again
It’s the return of the loony left. The Monster Raving Labour Party
The return to the 1970s
But it’s entertaining to watch the swivel-eyed rabid Marxists as they tear each other apart.
Politics can be fun.

Labour Party Putrefaction

John McDonnell is the Labour Party’s shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.
He has been recorded saying that he had waited all his life for the collapse
of the banking industry so that there would be an end to Capitalism.
So not only is he an anarchist but he has no compassion for people that
went through great hardship after the crash and no thought for all the great benefits
that Capitalism has brought to mankind in making the modern world.

He also stated that he is a Marxist and waved Mao’s Little Red (communist) Book
in the British Parliament. How can anyone in their right mind, in this modern age
admire anything associated with Marxism and Communism after witnessing the
frightening and brutal totalitarian regimes of Russia, China, Cuba and North Korea?

Anyone who wants to see the collapse of the banks and the end of Capitalism
is not fit to be a Member of Parliament let alone shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Can you imagine how destructive he would be if he should ever get into power?

One can only assume that as Jeremy Corbyn appointed John McDonnell into the position
that comrade Jeremy must hold the same views. It is a parlous state of affairs in
British Politics when the official opposition has turned into schoolboy’s
Communist Party at a time when we need a strong opposition of proper grown ups.

The current Labour party is not fit to be in politics.

Castro Corbyn Idiot -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

European Disunion

The European Union is corrupt, it reminds me of FIFA. The bigger the institution,
the more money it has the more corrupt it is, as there is less oversight.

The European Union is undemocratic; the laws are made by unelected commissioners.
The commissioners are corrupt, they go to the EU on normal government salaries
and after a few years come back multi-millionaires.
No-one asks where the money came from.

The European Union is run by reactionary old men and women;
a cosy little clique who employ their family and friends.
The only future they want is to maintain the status quo,
to increase their wealth and their elite friends' wealth.
They are on the gravy train.
They hate that Britain voted out of their cosy club.
They are bitter and will be vicious.

The European Union is destroying its Southern members who cannot compete with Germany and France.
The European Union is destroying Europe itself as it becomes overrun by migrants and terrorists masquerading as migrants.

An article in today's press.
The European Court has ordered Britain to pay compensation
to an Islamic terrorist
who was intending to blow people up in England.
We somehow managed to breach his human rights,
never mind the rights of his intended victims.
These kind of stories appear on a daily basis.

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