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01 June 2018

Government in waiting - Be very afraid

A male Labour activist has been allowed to stand for a women-only
position in the party by exploiting gender self-identification rules to
declare he is female on Wednesdays.

David Lewis has told party officials he is a woman from when his alarm
goes off at 6.50am until midnight each Wednesday - claiming
'if I say I'm a woman, I'm a woman'.

He also said “My womanness is expressed by my saying ‘I self identify
as a woman’ now and again on Wednesdays. I make no changes in my
behaviour or my appearance. I keep my name, David and my male
pronouns. I wear the same sort of clothes I wear the rest of the week.
I keep my beard. I enjoy the full womanness of my beard.”

The Basingstoke Labour Party last week accepted the womanness of David
and his beard. He is listed as a candidate for election as CLP Women’s
Officer, as David's declaration meets Labour's rules on gender-specific
positions because of party guidelines on self-identification.

The idea is to protect the right of trans members in Labour who have
not legally changed gender but are criticised by some feminist
activists for undermining women.

A Labour Party spokesperson said: 'The Labour Party is committed to
upholding the principle of affirmative action for women.

'Anyone attempting to breach Labour Party rules and subvert the intention
of All Women Shortlists, women’s officers or minimum quotas for women
will be dealt with via our established safeguards, selection procedures
and disciplinary measures.'

It's the Siberian salt mines for David Lewis.

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