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15 June 2019

The Labour Party


And now some clowns


God help us!


25 May 2019

R.L. Burnside

Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down

R L Burnside


17 May 2019

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club


10 May 2019



Listen to the album 'Aman Iman'


Tuareg people



03 May 2019

Jumping on the MillyBandWagon - Climate Change

Ed Arse Milliband

Commeth the hour, cometh the Labour man who's never worked in his life.
Milliband - a very rich individual, left a fortune by his 'Socialist' father.
Carbon footprint about 10x that of your average person.
Like 90% of Labour politicians, no connection with the working classes.
Only in it for the money and the lucrative jobs they can get in the future.

The Labour Party solution to climate change.

Poor people not to go on holiday.
Poor people not to drive cars.
Poor people not to heat their houses.
Poor people not to eat meat.
Poor people not to fart. (Like cows effects the ozone layer)
Poor people not to burp. (ditto above)

How do the Labour party achieve this? Huge taxes.
Apart from the last two which would be an army of officials
to fine you for breaking wind.
(Labour love extending state control over the people)

These are the hypocrites you listen to. People please STOP!


12 April 2019

It's not raining but what the hell

Adrian Borda

Life is a Dance in the Rain.
Adrian Borda


06 April 2019

Raining the proverbial

cats and dogs painting

C. M. Coolidge

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