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President Tony Humbug Blair

There is some stomach in Europe for having Tony Blair in the new post of President of Europe when it comes about. Unelected by the people of course, just given to him by a little clique that dishes out all the lucrative jobs, a kind of European Mafia.

Blair, the most manipulative and dishonest Prime Minister the UK has had the misfortune to elect and who has done more to harm politics in Britain than any other Prime Minister, although to be fair, Gordon Brown is making a good fist of it but he’s a long way short of being as slippery and smarmy as Tony.

Blair, the Chief Spin Meister, the man who ensured that no glimmer of truth ever escaped from his press office to such an extent that no one believes anything a politician says anymore. Blair the man who used spin to discredit the weapons expert Dr David Kelly which directly led to his death by ‘suicide’. Dr Kelly’s crime was to have the audacity to try to tell the truth about Iraq i.e. Iraq didn’t have the capability to launch a missile strike in 45 minutes and it didn’t have any Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Blair, the man with blood on his hands, who took us into an illegal war with Iraq, which was hugely costly in terms of human life, to Iraq itself, in damage to Britain’s reputation around the World and financially for all of us. Blair who should be on trial (along with George W Bush) for war crimes not strutting the world stage making money from lecture tours. (In the name of justice and humanity STOP booking him!)

Blair, the man who had his snout squarely in the trough of public funds, buying a £3.5 million Connaught Square house (just sold for a £2 million profit) and properties in Bristol while Prime Minister, lining his own pockets, his eye on his own welfare while soldiers died in warfare in Iraq. This all on a family income of £300,000. We’ll never know exactly how he did it on parliamentary expenses, how he fiddled it, because all his expenses accidentally went in the shredder when he left office. Funny that. If he were a decent and honest man he could tell us the truth about it now and perhaps give the £2 million profit back to the public purse.

Blair, the man who dictated what shabby schools the rest of us have to send our children, sent his children to a very good state funded school, the London Oratory, which defied the government ban on selection and selects based on an interview with parents. You can imagine how the conversation went. ‘Let my kids in or we’ll close you down.’

Blair, the Middle East ambassador and trouble shooter who during the recent troubles, when Israel was flattening the Gaza strip, was seen neither hide nor hair of. This role is obviously not lucrative enough and is too difficult to get to grips with for this scheming, dishonest man because there have been no reports of him achieving or doing anything.

Blair the man who never had any principles apart from keeping hold of power at any cost, who never believed a word he himself said, who changed his opinion to suit the public mood, the most insincere, hypocritical, flip flopping humbug this country has ever seen. A real snake oil salesman.

Now this Blair, having failed to sort out Britain or the Middle East and having failed to sort out the Catholic Church and not able to walk on water, wants an easy job in Europe and you can bet once he’s installed as European President it wont be long before all his dishonest, expense, fiddling chums will be following him into the cushiest jobs in Europe.

We can stop him and his like by ensuring we never ratify the Lisbon treaty (less power to Europe, not more, until they can show they are honest and accountable) and by getting rid of this disastrous Labour Government at the next election.