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Drunkeness, Debauchery and Decay

Every Friday and Saturday night the pubs and clubs in the towns throughout Britain fill up with the binge drinkers. Mostly young people but not wholly confined to that age group. People intent on going out just to get absolutely blind stinking drunk with no consideration for others or for any of the consequences. A living testimony to the rot and decay in our society.

Every Friday and Saturday night, throughout the towns in the UK, the under resourced police have to deal with the drunks, the fights and with assaults on themselves and lock up the worst offenders. The cash strapped Hospitals have to deal with what are in some cases horrific injuries and with abusive and violent patients. The hard up councils have to wash the streets of the take away litter, the vomit, the urine and the blood. Eventually the overworked courts have to deal with the criminal behaviour which may end in a costly (to society) prison sentence.

And guess who pays for it all, guess who pays so that people can go out and get totally paralytic. Yes you and me. Doesn’t it make you feel proud of your generosity that you are letting people have a smashing time courtesy of your taxes?

These binge drinkers are not all low life, most have good jobs; some are even professionals; lawyers, teachers, accountants but they all get caught up in this orgy of drunkenness at the weekends. Even Steven Gerrard, a contender for the captaincy of the England football team, someone in a privileged position that children and adults look up to, who you would have hoped better of, goes out and behaves like a petty low-life thug. He may have been acquitted by a biased jury, but how ‘I thought he was going to hit me so I hit him first’ is ever a defence I will never know. It sets a dangerous precedent as any person drunk or not throughout England could use that as an excuse. ‘I thought he was going to hit me, your honour, so I stuck a glass in his face, pity about losing his eye.’

This disgusting behaviour is not contained within Britain but we have exported it around the Mediterranean especially Spain and Greece. It has become so bad in Greece recently (Spain has had longer to get to grips with it) that the heads of the Greek Islands are getting together to try to deal with it.

I love the Greek Islands and much of it is still unspoilt by these vicious hooligans but a travel journalist recently described many of the resorts as ‘train wrecks’. The resorts have become wall to wall bars selling cheap alcohol with burger and chips, anything that was Greek, like the wonderful tavernas, have disappeared. Travel has got cheaper and young people have more money but they don’t travel to broaden their tiny minds, just to get smashed somewhere where the sun shines.

Throughout time alcohol has been drunk and enjoyed and most people including myself enjoy a drink and at times drink too much but we don’t go shouting our mouths off about it. We’d enjoy a drink with friends and then get home without puking all over the streets or beating someone up. We learnt that not being able to hold your drink was shameful, so we didn’t do it. Now the more nauseating drunk and violent you can get the better and no shame.

Most town centres are no-go areas at night for the majority who don’t want to spend the evening in Sodom or Gomorrah. We have turned them over to lawless thuggery and we, the vast majority, are dictated to by a small minority.

The Government doesn’t do anything because it wants the tax revenue from drink but the cost to society and I don’t mean just financially, far outweighs anything gained in taxes. 24 hr drinking was supposed to improve things, people would drink at a steadier pace and not all come out of the pubs and clubs together but for many it is just become a licence to run riot.

If the Government was serious they could stop this moronic behaviour by clamping down on any rowdy or drunken behaviour. Introduce zero tolerance. Stop the sale of cheap alcohol; close the bars where there is trouble or restrict their licences; anyone arrested for a drink related offence is banned from all drinking places, (perhaps in really drunken areas, issue all individuals who want to drink with licences until the problem is resolved); heavy fines for drunkenness, deduction from salaries, bailiffs to take property.

There are many ways to deal with this repulsive behaviour in the short term until we regain control of our town centres at night. For those of you unfortunate enough to live near or in one of these towns you need to keep pressurising the council, your local MP, the Government to do something about it. We the majority should not have to tolerate this any longer. It is a shame on us and a shame on Britain