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29 March 2019

Democracy RIP 15/06/1215 - 29/03/2019



21 March 2019

1st day of Spring


The Fight of the Year

And there goes the bell for the third month†and
Winter comes out of his corner looking groggy
Spring leads with a left to the head
followed by a sharp right to the body
pussy willow

Winter canít take much more punishment †and
Spring shows no signs of tiring
bunny rabbits
mad march hares
horse and hounds

Spring is merciless
Winter wonít go the whole twelve rounds
bobtail clouds
scallywag winds
the sun
the pavement artist
in every town
a left to the chin †and
Winterís down!

1 tomatoes
2 radish
3 cucumber
4 onions
5 beetroot
6 celery
7 and any
8 amount
9 of lettuce
10 for dinner
Winterís out for the count
Spring is the winner!

Roger McGough


11 March 2019

Killing with Knives


Net migration of an average 250,000 every year since the year 2000 when the Labour Party said they would scour the world for its poor to bring to the UK; not because they wanted to help the poor but because they cynically believe poor people will vote for them. Thatís one sizeable town every year.

At the lowest level in society, displace the local communities, flood those communities with people who struggle to fit into Western culture or donít even want to.

Make no plans for catering for the influx of people; no new houses, schools, hospitals or infrastructure in general; the people who get elected have not a clue how to plan even a tea party.

Stop training the indigenous population; business now can get cheap labour, business owners can get even richer at the expense of local communities. Thus take away the indigenous peopleís livelihoods, causing even more breakdown in family life.

Then start wringing your hands and stupidly asking why is there a rise in lawlessness and knife crime.

I think it is obvious if you displace people and remove all means to get ahead in life, they will feel they have been left out of society that they donít belong any more; some of them will turn to crime as an alternative means of getting on in the world. Society has abandoned them, offers them nothing so they help themselves to a better life.

These useless politicians need to stop thinking about their careers and turn their attention to the indigenous population.

People need training and good, steady jobs with career paths.

Stop the influx of migrants and start building affordable homes fit for the UK population; where the people donít have to spend the majority of their income keeping a roof over their heads.

People need decent housing, state housing, not housing provided by slum landlords. People canít move ahead in their lives unless they have a secure base, a decent home. Even the middle class children can no longer afford to get on the housing ladder in certain parts of the UK.

What is the issue with building state sector housing fit for British people? Why canít we build a country fit for British people where people are proud to be British again.

23 Febuary 2019

This is The ĎAnti-Democraticí Independent Party

Anti Democrats

Smug lot arenít they who have now left their democratically elected parties to form their own, weíre clever, we know better, independent party in Parliament.

These are the people who voted two years ago for a referendum to allow the British people to decide on being in or out of the European Union. They said like all the politicians at the time that they would honour the result whatever the outcome.

But horror of horrors the British people, the peasants as they see them, didnít vote as they (see photo), their betters, expected. They voted to leave the European Union.

They didnít like the result; how dare the peasants vote ďOutĒ against the wishes of their masters? Did they think they were living in a democracy. Outrageous! They need to be whipped, beaten, at least brow-beaten.

So they embarked on two years of name calling; those who voted out, all 17.5 million, were thick, gullible racists.

They never once considered that the world has changed and is constantly changing. Britain is FULL UP Ė we canít keep taking in 300,000 people every year unless we build enough new houses, schools and hospitals. We have provided a tiny fraction of the requirement.

We canít look after the people here already! People are living in desperate circumstances and even in the EU we canít financially balance the books; we are still running a deficit.

The European Union has lost its way. It promotes itself as a great institution but the politicians are there to line their pockets and their egos. There are huge problems in the EU and they are not being addressed. It is too big and corrupt to manage all the disparate countries just like the USSR was.

In most countries now the politicians are so far removed from the people that they have no idea about what is happening at the sharp end of life for the majority of people. Davos, Belgium, five star hotels and five star restaurants, expense accounts, is not the way most of us live Ė more hand to mouth.

No doubt many people are doing very well out of the European Union and have become rich and powerful but it is not the majority; thatís why we voted out. With all their money and power they couldnít persuade us to stay in. Itís all smokescreen and mirrors and now they are using their money and power to overturn the democratic vote.

Politics today like journalism is no longer a calling but a career choice, a good way to line the pockets. This self-obsessed lot in the photo are no different although they pretend to have ideals. They say they want a new type of politics Ė that would be ignore the will of the people, as in anti-democratic. How is that new Ė there are plenty of examples of undemocratic countries in the world, where the few decide whatís best for the many usually to the detriment of the many.

This lot in the picture didnít get their way so they have thrown their toys out of the pram, run away from home and turned their back on the people that voted them in. A footnote in history.

And after the way the rest of the politicians in the British parliament have behaved I wouldnít trust any of them so why would anyone believe the politicians in Europe are any better?

At least we can kick out our rulers unlike in Europe where the rule makers, the commissioners are not even elected by the people.

When will our Ďelectedí leaders rule for the benefit of the indigenous people and not for money and power?


Febuary 2019


Happy Man

Happy the man, and happy he alone,
He who can call today his own:
He who, secure within, can say,
Tomorrow do thy worst, for I have lived today.

Be fair or foul or rain or shine,
The joys I have possessed, in spite of fate, are mine.
Not heaven itself upon the past has power,
But what has been, has been, and I have had my hour.

John Dryden (1631 - 1700)


January 2019

Is 2019 the year of FREEDOM?


Zenos Frudakis

Is this the year we are allowed to break free? When our politicians realise that their duty is to the British electorate and we finally leave the unelected, anti-democratic, corrupt, foreign protection racket that is the European Union?

Somehow I think not.

Therefore we can kiss goodbye to the moral high ground as all the dictatorships in the world will be able to say - if Britain, the mother of all parliaments, can ignore the democratic vote of the people why shouldn't we. So carry on Saudia Arabia, China, Russia etc., ignore the hypocrites here, we have joined the club.

What's this nonsense about wanting a 'people's vote' now. If I'm not mistaken the first vote was also by people or are those calling for a 'people's vote' too stupid to remember that.

In the interest of fairness and fun let's make it the best of five referenda.