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How to write a good CV

Do use a spell checker
Do check your grammar
Do use a readable and professional font like Times New Roman
Do read it out loud
Do put yourself in the employerís shoes when reading it through
Do tell the truth
Do use bullet points
Do restrict it to 2 to 3 pages maximum
Do make it clear, succinct and uncluttered
Do get friends and family to read it through
Do put in a Professional Summary at the top
Do put in Achievements and how it benefited your employer
Do send a covering letter
Do write your work experience in reverse chronological order
Do check your dates

Donít write in first person or in 3rd person
Donít put in references or salary requirements
Donít put in reasons for leaving or wanting to leave jobs
Donít assume the recruiter knows what you talking about Ė make it explicit
Donít use abbreviations
Donít write clichťs; ĎI can think out of the boxí
Donít make unsupported statements; ĎI am a dynamic negotiatorí
Donít put in anything that can be construed as a failure
Donít use a template, tailor you CV to suit you and the job
Donít put age, marital status, weight, height, sex, inside leg measurement
Donít send a picture of yourself
Donít list all the things you did in a previous job if they are not relevant
Donít list hobbies and pastimes unless they are relevant