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The Copenhagen chaos

Roll up, roll up the circus is in town. Come and see the Climate Change Conference with great acts like ‘The Angry Protesters’ performing outside the big top along with ‘The Brutal Danish Police’. Two acts not to be missed with lots of fire, blood and severe beatings which even Iran would be proud of. Laugh out loud at the performers locked out in the cold and the sheer lack of organisation. It’s a riot of fun.

Inside the big top you will entertained by noisy demonstrations, walkouts, charlatans, hot air blowers, bare-faced liars, clowns, snake oil salesmen, fraudsters, crooks, embezzlers, liars and many of the big beasts from the world strutting their stuff for the history books. It is an event destined to achieve nothing but entertainment for the world and a big payday from our taxes for the support acts. Money which will be lavishly spent on re-feathering their nests.

See ‘The Hypocrite Jugglers’ Prince Charles and Gordon Brown who while urging the world to lessen their carbon footprint fly in separate private jets to the conference. Thrill at the star performers of the show, the top of the bill, the hire wire balancing act of America, China and India who have to pretend to be doing something about climate change while actually giving away very little. It is a wonder to behold and fools us every time.

The climate change conference in Copenhagen looks like absolute chaos from the news reports. It sends exactly the wrong message to the world, that the people involved are totally incompetent and have no hope of saving the planet. In fact watching these self important people strutting around in their self-made farce is more likely to make people less bothered than they already are about climate change.

There are far too many people involved for anything constructive and lasting to come out of the conference. Climate change has become a huge bandwagon with thousands of interested parties from all over the world trying to make a fast buck. Where there are politicians there is money (our money) to be made in the name of anything. Most of the people there don’t care a damn about climate change only about getting a pay out. Gordon Brown, being profligate, is happy to oblige giving money, bankrupt Britain doesn’t have, to corrupt third world leaders so they can buy more limousines and their many wives can go on lavish shopping sprees in Europe.

The expense and the ‘cost’ of climate change, including the lavish conference itself will ultimately fall on us, we’ll have to pay for it and not only financially, while the likes of Prince Charles and Gordon Brown will continue to live handsomely and go everywhere by private jet, at huge expense to the planet and the taxpayer.

It is not in the biggest polluters’ interest, China, America and India to change to a greener economy in the short term; it will mean less growth, less wealth for their people and make them less competitive in the world. We can only hope that people pressure in the long term will make the difference in all countries.

The United Nations is the ideal forum for climate change discussions and decisions, exactly what it was set up for, where you could have continuous and measured response to the issue and not a conference fiasco every few years where the bandwagon gets bigger and bigger. The United Nations needs to take on the responsibility for the management of the planet.

In the end though it is up to us, ‘we the people’, to do our bit. Even if you don’t believe in climate change then you have to agree that there is too much pollution, too much waste and that we are using up the planet’s resources at far too fast a rate. Now there are so many of us on this planet, 6.7 billion and growing, we have to manage the resources like we would manage any home or business. Failure to do so will result in more wars and disasters. We have to put pressure on politicians to take action but we also have to cut back as individuals. We can make change happen if we work together. Pollution like charity begins at home.