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Killing the Golden Goose

I didnít agree with the Iraq war but I had to pay towards it; Iím healthy and I donít use the health service but I have to pay towards it; I donít commit crimes and I donít set fire to my house but I have to pay for Police and Fire Service; I donít claim benefits or use Social Services but I have to pay for them Ė the list goes on and on of things I donít personally use but have to pay for. This is what makes a society, catering and caring for everyone otherwise there is no society.

The Conservatives must stop using the pathetic, stupid and inane argument that as students benefit from going to University they should pay for it. If there is one thing society should pay for, it is not the greed of the present, but for all our futures represented by our young people.

As a society we must find the money to educate the young so that they can create a better society, we should not deter them by putting financial obstacles in their way. Our universities produce all kinds of highly skilled and talented people Ė doctors, scientists, business people, artists - that are a benefit to all of us and thatís aside from the fact that being highly motivated and higher earners they will also contribute more to society through their taxes.

The Labour Government left us in this financial mess and sold out the young people in the first place by introducing fees but the Conservatives must find the money. Weíve just given £7 billion to Ireland which we will probably not see returned for 50 years! If the Scots and Welsh can find the money then the English must do the same. We cannot have the ridiculous situation where it will cost any EU Student £3,000 a year to study in Wales except an English student who will be charged £9,000 a year.

Universities also need to get their act together and not be so avaricious Ė certainly charge higher fees to foreign students but also raise the standards to ensure only able students are accepted onto courses (or at least be competent in the 3 Rs) and that the courses supplied are worthy of our highest academic institutions e.g. not green keeping, bee keeping or nursing which are all better learnt on the job. This will cut the numbers going to university and save money.

The combined effort of Universities and Government can make sure that there is no rise in student fees but if they persist in this madness I hope that students, parents and business unite to bring this government down as they are not governing for the benefit of society or Britain but for a small, rich elite.

Are the Royals relevant?

I havenít met one person yet that isnít totally turned off at the thought of a Royal Wedding. I think most people have had enough of the Royals after the Charles and Diana saga. The Royals are a total irrelevance to society now and they should be taking a much less public role. The Queen is still admirable but I think she should be the last monarch on the throne. Britain needs an elected President as head of state not a rich family. Itís as Tony Benn said Ďyou wouldnít accept it if the pilot of your plane said he couldnít fly but itís ok because his father couldí. The time has come to make Britain more democratic and not held back by an archaic feudal system.

Life is going to get much tougher in the UK as it will in most of the world thanks to the all consuming greed of capitalism which has bankrupted the world economy. Most people during these hard times do not want to see these rich, over-privileged individuals flaunting their wealth in our faces. People who have never had to struggle or to do a days work in their life are not good role models for the rest of society. I, like every reasonable person, wishes them well but I donít want to have to pay one penny towards their wedding nor a penny towards their maintenance. The Royal family is wealthy enough to pay for it all.

The major factor causing the Royal turn off is the Media pack of wolves. They already gone into overdrive and the wedding isnít for at least six months. The papers, TV, internet, radio and magazines will be boring us to death; theyíll be at it day and night, hammer and tongs with the BBC as the cheerleader, the leading Purveyor of tittle-tattle, inanity, sycophancy and downright drivel.

I am sure Kate and William donít want all the media attention, they just want to get on and have as normal a life as they can, so please media for the sake of all of us leave them alone. We donít want another Charles and Diana.

No Justice in Britain

Now hereís the thing, donít you just love that phrase a favourite of the slimeister Tony Blair. Now hereís the thing so these British Muslims caught in Afghanistan during a war between NATO forces and the Taliban are innocent, they were just on vacation, perhaps an activity holiday, getting fit in the training camps, or perhaps playing hide and seek in the mountains. So they are caught in a war zone not on the NATO side I hasten to add and become prisoners of war. They are then flown to Guantanomo Bay with British Intelligence collusion and where the Americans torture them. Now the British Government is going to pay them up to a million pounds each.

Before one penny of our taxes goes to these 16 Muslims they need to be tried in a British court for Treason. We cannot allow a government elected by the people to hide the truth, to pay hush money. We the public need to know what is going on in Government, this is not democratic. What has happened to our British justice? We must demand justice in these cases.

It may be that the 16 Muslims are innocent and we still have to pay compensation but what sort of country has this become if people who have possibly committed acts of treason are not tried and are given huge amounts of money to save the governmentís embarrassment? How much is it going to costs us to monitor these 16 individuals for the rest of their lives as they live in a limbo between innocent and guilty? What will they do with the money? Will some of it go to buy weapons that kill more of our troops? And what cost is it to our reputation that we allow this to happen?

We have to ask these questions as we will never know, unless there is a trial, what these 16 were doing in a war zone and whether they are innocent victims or murderous Taliban.

Finally what an insult to those families who suffered in the 7/7 Bombings in London, that hush money can be dished out so readily to those who may well have committed atrocities; their compensation in comparison will only be a fraction even though nothing could compensate them for their loss.

Grow up BBC

Heard on the BBC Ė William has had to marry a Ďcommonerí Ė Come on BBC grow up, this is the 21 Century and we all know the Royals havenít got blue blood, they are the same as the rest of us, except they suffer from a bit too much inter-breeding which makes some of them a bit simple. The Royal families in Europe got there by murdering and stealing more than anyone else, they were not given their positions by God.

And for heavens sake BBC stop grovelling, gushing, smiling falsely, talking inanely and being generally sycophantic about the coming marriage.

During the BBC strike werenít those stand in news readers / presenters refreshing and probably a lot cheaper Ė ditch the boring old guard and lets have more of the stand ins.

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