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Get Motivated - Donít Delay, Start Today

delay What is the one thing that stops you getting on and achieving something?
Stop making those feeble excuses and get on with doing something constructive.

Delay, postpone, drag your feet, put off, dilly-dally, hang fire, defer, adjourn. This is our disease. This is what we do or donít do. This was Hamletís problem which ended in tragedy not just for him. Not that it is tragedy for us. That is perhaps too strong a word considering what else is happening in the world; but perhaps if we all worked together we could change things for the better. On a personal level though we go to our graves without ever achieving what we would like to, unfulfilled.

So now is the time to STOP, to switch off that TV, to get on and achieve something without obstacles and interruption.

We all need a hobby, something to do to keep our mind and soul occupied. Most of time we just procrastinate, delay, put off until tomorrow what we should be doing today. We need to work at something on a daily basis whether it is studying to improve career prospects or just reading those books youíve always wanted to or making yourself fit.

A hobby can be anything as long as it occupies you every day for at least an hour even looking after pigeons if thatís what takes your fancy as long as it gets you away from the TV or PC games or other pastimes that just rot the brain. We need to escape into ourselves, to totally relax at something we are good at or has a purpose. It will build your confidence and will act like a form of meditation, as your worries and the outside world are forgotten for a time.

With TV you only need half a brain to watch it so while youíre watching you are still worrying and lets face it most TV you donít need a brain at all. With a hobby like reading or studying you need full concentration, total attention and thus escape and proper relaxation follow.

Most of us would do anything rather than start on what we know would be good for us so we make excuses, we put obstacles in our way. ĎIíll just phone a few people before I startí; ĎIíll just watch a bit of that program on TVí; ĎIíll just read my emailsí; ĎIíll just have a snackí and then it becomes too late and another day is wasted. You lose heart, you lose the will; you donít believe you have the power to do anything else except go on with the same monotony, the same lame excuses. The delaying tactics themselves become a routine.

You have to stop it. You have to just start. Every day you have to ignore all the distractions that you provide.

Make this the day that you change your life for the better and stop making excuses.

Read my article Live the Dream it will help to get you started.