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I got my renewal for the Automobile Association membership a few days ago, a respected organisation that Iíve been with for some time; an organisation that conjures up the history of motoring in Britain, honesty, loyalty and service to customers. A good solid British brand.

You can imagine my shock when the amount they wanted to charge me for annual Breakdown, Recovery and Home Start was £194.00. I thought some mistake here, Iíll look online. On the AA website the deal is £99.00 for the same cover. I gave them a call and was given some unintelligible explanation and an offer of the £99.00 deal. By this time Iíd already found a better deal with Green Flag at £58.00 for the same package. A whopping £136 saving.

It appears it doesnít matter what the brand is, companies just want to screw you for as much money as they can get away with. Gone are the days when companies tried to keep your custom by offering you the best deal and service. I looked back at what I paid last year for AA membership, £178.00, and realised it had just gone through my bank without me checking. I was obviously too busy last year to notice and I got fleeced.

I decided after that to have a tidy up of my outgoings as the next renewal to come in was my home insurance which again was far too high considering for all the years Iíve been a home owner I have never made a claim. By going on the compare sites I was able to get a better deal for £74.00 less.

Next I went on Uswitch and changed my electricity and gas supplier, about £100 saving a year. Then a new unlimited broadband deal for £7.50 a month, a saving of about £200 a year. Easiest of all I rang my mobile phone network and said I was going to get a better deal and they immediately reduced my monthly bill from £15 to £5, £120 annual saving.

In the end the AA did me a favour as it provoked me into action. It took about a day to get it all done but I have made a saving of £630 which unless you are extremely rich is not a bad dayís work.

You canít rely on companies, no matter how good a brand they are, to get you the best deals anymore in fact it appears that the longer youíre with a company the worse the deal is that you are offered. Donít let companies take your hard earned cash through your indifference. I recommend everyone spend a day getting the best deal on their outgoings and to treat themselves with the savings. Mineís going towards a holiday.

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