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French Words 3

Enter the appropriate letter against the French word

french flag
Maison: Onze: Fille: Addition: Bonjour:
Blanc: Champignon: Pantalon: Eau: Guerre:
Merci: Nom: Printemps: Chambre: Gendarme:
Froid: Oiseau: Dieu: Journal: Vache:

A = Trousers; B = War; C = Name; D = Bird;
E = Thankyou; F = (a) Room; G = Mushroom; H = Cow;
I = House; J = God; K = Spring; L = (the) Bill;
M = Good day; N = Policeman; O = Girl; P = Newspaper;
Q = White; R = Cold; S = Eleven; T = Water