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General Knowledge 3

How good is you general knowledge? How many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. Which planet comes next Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, -?
Neptune Uranus Jupiter Saturn

2. Who wrote "Les Miserables"?
Victor Hugo Emile Zola Gustave Flaubert Honore de Balzac

3. Where would you find the meta-carpals?
Hand Foot Knee Neck

4. In which country is Timbuktu?
Morocco Mauritania Algeria Mali

5. When was the Prophet Mohammed born?
23BC 320AD 15BC 570AD

6. In which Shakespeare play would you find Iago?
Tempest King Lear Othello Romeo and Juliet

7. Who painted Guernica?
Monet Picasso Goya Rembrandt

8. Which European Language is spoken widely in Brazil?
Spanish Portuguese French Italian

9. Which one is a virus?
Tuberculosis Bubonic Plague Lepros Poliomyelitis

10. Where are the ruins of ancient Troy?
Iran Iraq Turkey Greece

11. What is the Chemical symbol for salt?
NaCl SaCl SalN NaSl

12. Who wrote the poem 'If'?
George Byron Alfred Tennyson John Keats Rudyard Kipling

13. Who composed Carmen?
Verdi Bizet Puccini Strauss

14. Where is the source of the Blue Nile?
Ethiopia Egypt Kenya Sudan

15. How many tribes of Israel are there?
10 6 15 12

16. Who was the American President during World War 1?
Theodore Roosevelt Calvin Coolidge Woodrow Wilson Herbert Hoover

17. Approximately how long ago was the peak of the last Ice Age?
200,000 yrs 1 million yrs 20,000 yrs 500,000 yrs

18. Where was the military commander Hannibal born?
Carthage Rome Greece Syracuse

19. In which decade did America buy Alaska from the Russians?
1880s 1870s 1840s 1860s

20. Where was Napoleon Bonaparte born?
Paris Corsica Sardinia Elba