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General Knowledge 5

How good is you general knowledge? These are all questions you should know but how many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. What year did the Vietnam War end?
1964 1978 1975 1972

2. Which organ produces Insulin?
Liver Spleen Kidney Pancreas

3. Who said 'Cogito ergo sum'(I think therefore I am)?
Newton Sartre Rousseau Descartes

4. Through which city does the river Tiber flow?
Rome Budapest Berlin Prague

5. What are Angels on Horseback?
Scallops on black pudding Oysters in bacon Egg on muffin Caviar on toast

6. Who composed 'The Wedding March'?
Brahms Mendelssohn Liszt Schumann

7. Who wrote Anna Karenina?
Pushkin Kafka Tolstoy Mann

8. Which one is not a Greek God?
Hera Ceres Ares Apollo

9. How many Chromosomes are in each human cell?
23 40 36 46

10. Which one is not a sea?
Yellow Black Blue White

11. How many sides does a Heptagon have?
7 5 11 9

12. Who painted 'The Scream'?
Edvard Munch Pablo Picasso Francis Bacon Georges Braque

13. What does 'allegro' mean in music?
Slowly quietly loudly lively

14. What is the Chemical symbol for Iron?
Mt Ir Fe In

15. Who discovered X-Rays?
Angstrom Rontgen Einstein Planck

16. What is the name of the Pope?
John Paul Pius Benedict Leo

17. In what year did Napoleon invade Russia?
1812 1799 1804 1810

18. What is the capital of Brazil?
Sao Paulo Brazilia Rio de Janeiro Salvador

19. Who was the first person to sail around the world?
Francis Drake Christopher Columbus Ferdinand Magellan Vasco De Gama

20. When did Aristotle live?
3rd Century BC 5th Century BC 1st Century BC 4th Century BC