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General Knowledge 6

How good is you general knowledge? These are all questions you should know but how many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. Which is the odd one out?
Bandicoot Mongoose Possum Wombat

2. Where is the Radius bone?
Arm Leg Chest Head

3. Which planet is called the Morning Star?
Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus

4. What is the chemical symbol for Gold?

5. Who Wrote Portrait of a Lady?
Viginia Woolf Henry James Thomas Hardy James Joyce

6. Which is the odd one out?
Caspar Melchior Seleucar Balthasar

7. What does an obstetrician deal with?
Cancer Bones Pregnancy Brain

8. When did Mexico gain Independence from Spain?
1821 1805 1851 1835

9. Which American state does not have a seaboard?
Louisiana Mississippi Arkansas Alabama

10. Who composed La Traviata?
Verdi Puccini Mozart Bizet

11. Approximately when did Homo Sapiens first walk the earth?
1,000,000BC 100,000BC 10,000BC 10,000,000BC

12. Which country is on the equator?
Argentina India China Uganda

13. What is an entrecote?
Mushroom Steak Fish Starter

14. When did the Black Death first come to Europe?
12c 13c 14c 15c

15. If I was spending 'Dongs' where would I be?
Vietnam Burma Cambodia Thailand

16. What colour is Cochineal?
Blue Red Purple Green

17. Who was the last Russian Tsar?
Alexander II Nicholas III Peter III Nicholas II

18. Orology is the study of ?
Mountains Time Owls Clocks

19. How many lines does a Sonnet have?
10 16 14 12

20. Which Peace Treaty ended the First World War?
Dunkirk Versailles Verdun Paris