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Quiz - General Knowledge 8

How good is you general knowledge? These are all questions you should know but how many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. What colour is Cochineal?
Purple Red Blue Yellow

2. In what part of the body would you find the cerebellum?
Spleen Heart Liver Brain

3. In which Century did the Renaissance begin?
14C 15C 13C 16C

4. What is the study of eyes?
aetiology otology ophthalmology ideology

5. Where is 'K2', the 2nd highest mountain in the world?
India Japan Tibet Pakistan

6. Who wrote the poem ‘The Ancient Mariner’?
Coleridge Byron Keats Wordsworth

7. In what year did India get independence from Britain?
1945 1947 1937 1950

8. What is another name for the brightest star Sirius?
Crab Star Lion Star Bull Star Dog Star

9. Where would you find Brunelleschi’s Dome?
Rome Florence Venice Genoa

10. Which country was not in the European Union in 2009?
Latvia Sweden Norway Slovenia

11. Who composed the music for the ballet ‘The Sleeping Beauty’?
Ravel Delibes Prokofiev Tchaikovsky

12. What is the 1st book of the New Testament?
John Matthew Luke Mark

13. What element has the atomic number of 8?
Oxygen Helium Hydrogen Carbon

14. In which country was the Venus de Milo found?
Italy Spain Greece Turkey

15. Who wrote 'Wuthering Heights'?
George Elliot Emile Bronte Jane Austin Charlotte Bronte

16. When did the Korean war start?
1948 1950 1949 1947

17. Where was Che Guevara born?
Bolivia Peru Brazil Argentina

18. Who composed the ‘Rite of Spring’?
Stravinsky Borodin Mussorgsky Shostakovich

19. Which sign of the zodiac would you be if you were born 20th June?
Libra Cancer Gemini Leo

20. What is the sauce made from in Beef Stroganoff?
Red Wine Beef Stock Tomatoes Sour Cream