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Save money - 10 easy ways to get extra cash

1. Have you got the right Mortgage? Ė Make sure you have the right mortgage for your circumstances.

2. Remember to re-mortgage to get the best deal on the market. There are plenty of people on the internet who will find you the best deal and it is free to you, as the mortgage companies pay them. They will also remind you whenever your mortgage is up for renewal. So you donít need to do any leg work to always have the best deal.

3. Re-do your buildings and contents insurance every year. Just choose a couple of big insurers and play them off against each other. Make a note in you diary a month before your renewal is due.

4. Re-do you car insurance every year. Same as your house insurance just choose a couple of big insurers and play them off against each other. Again note in your diary.

5. Get the best Electricity and Gas deal. It is easy to sign up to a new supplier. Remember to turn off electrical appliances, properly i.e. not standby TV, lights etc Turn your heating down, donít have it on all day. Get your heating and hot water on a timer so it is on only when you need it. It will save you money while saving the planet.

6. Get the best phone deal, mobile and home. Look at you monthly phone and text message usage to get the right deal. Do you need a landline at all?

7. Do you really need Sky or Virgin or any of these other expensive packages? 90% of the programmes are not worth the making, let alone watching. If youíve got wall to wall TV how are you going to get a better life?

8. Repay your credit card at the end of the month. If you just keep forgetting Ė cut it up and use cash. If you have a lot of debt of credit card debt Ė get a loan to pay them off.

9. Donít get Credit Card Insurance or protection. They are a waste of money.

10. Put your spare cash into a good savings account. Donít leave it in your current account.

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