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Problems are about perspective, giving ourselves enough distance to see our troubles for what they are. We often need to step back and see our problems from a different angle, to shed a new light on them and to find a new method of dealing with them. Usually they turn out to have much less significance than we have elaborately given them or we realise that what we have been spending hours agonizing about, are not real problems at all but scenarios of what might or could happen, situations that in the end just donít materialise. Even if the Ďworstí does happen it is never as we imagined and is usually not as bad as we think. We become so wrapped up in our own worlds, concentrating intensely on our own troubles that we donít appreciate what we have got.

I saw one of my friends today who I havenít seen for a little while. He told me he hasn't worked for the last three months; he just canít find any work, the job market being pretty dire with hundreds chasing every job. Heíd had a few interviews, even been short-listed but he just canít secure that position. He has a young family like myself and I think that could be me. After the Banking collapse it could be any one of us who are still in jobs. I know he doesnít have much if anything to fall back on but he was extremely dignified about his situation. He was still smiling and hopeful and it made my problems seem very small in comparison.

Then we have the horror of Haiti where some of the poorest people on earth have had what little they possess ground into the dust of an earthquake. People buried alive, tens of thousands dead and dying, bodies piled up in the street: fathers, mothers, sons and daughters; the survivors without food, water, shelter or medicine. No Government, no law, no infrastructure. This is real tragedy; this is hand to mouth existence, where parents have to protect their children under shocking circumstances. It is for most of us unimaginable.

Hopefully most of us in the developed world will never know a catastrophe on the scale of Haiti. We should value what we have built as societies and our ability to deal with disasters. We should also ensure as individuals that our countries continue to look after all members of society including the socially challenged and the less well off and that we always provide a safety net. This is the behaviour of a truly civilized society.

As for those problems, mine donít even register on the scale. Do yours?

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