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A very Happy New Year to all my visitors

I wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2011 and hope you continue to enjoy this site.


The Map is not the Territory (quote Alfred Korzybski)

New Year, new resolutions, all very fine especially if they are about health and well-being stopping smoking, less drinking, good diet, being a better person etc. but I think we also need to make a resolution to stop for a few minutes each day and appreciate what weve got now. We all need hopes and dreams, we cannot live without them, but we should also learn to live in the present and to enjoy living in the present. We spend a lot of time chasing our dreams or complaining about our lot or regretting our past and we dont see the world around us. So my resolution is to make more of the here and now before its all gone and the map is certainly not the territory.

My other resolution is to be positive (despite the media) because if you have a positive outlook on life then good things tend to happen and when they do happen you can make the most of them, the opposite is equally true, negativity breeds negativity. Lets face it we may as well be positive its less effort than always finding fault.

If you have any resolutions youd like to share Id be happy to put them on the website. Just email me.

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