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Europe In or Out?

There isnít enough housing, let alone quality housing, for the current population let alone the hundreds of thousands of migrants that come in every year. The poorest and least able of the indigenous population suffer as the amount of available housing declines. The do-gooders and left wing liberals who want to let everyone into Britain donít see or donít care about the people already in this country who are living in appalling conditions; their energy would be better spent in lobbying for a massive building programme for social housing (forget High Speed 2 at £50 billion).

The main priorities for all governments must be to provide decent, affordable housing; good quality education and a free Health Service. By providing social housing, the money currently given to private landlords by the local authorities (sometimes at an extortionate rate) for those on Welfare or low wages would go back to the local authorities to provide more housing or other benefits to the community. There could also be a right to buy scheme after a five to ten year period again with the proceeds going towards further housing and other projects in the community.

Decent housing needs to be seen as an essential human requirement that is the duty of all Governments to provide and not something to be left to market forces. Everybody needs a roof over their heads and more space than a prison cell. Successive Governments have failed in their duty to the people; they need to start building social housing. Once there are sufficient homes for the current population, then and only then can we consider allowing more people to live on this small island but there lies the problem; being in the European Union we have no control over our borders so we have no say over how many can come in.

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