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Obama for Prime Minister

I said in a previous article (April 09) that nothing would come out of the G20 meeting in London to discuss the credit crunch. Well perhaps I got that wrong for the USA as President Obama has taken the bull by the horns and brought in a raft of new policies to ensure the financial markets, at least in America, are regulated. Hooray for Barack Obama for showing true grit and leadership and I must say that he is the most impressive political figure there has been on the stage for a long time. Already with his sincerity, honesty and his common touch he has set an example to the world and he will be a great leader not just remembered for the colour of his skin.

Then there is Gordon Bullshit Brown, a dour, dishonest, scowling, Scottish control freak and his equally disreputable, expense fiddling Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, a man who has gained a large property portfolio at the publicís expense.

Today Alistair was making his Mansion House speech, an annual event where the City (big business) and government ministers get together to collectively put their snouts in the lavish trough, make contacts for their next lucrative jobs and listen to the Chancellorís speech on the UK economy. With their bow ties and tuxedos it resembles a mafia convention, which is about right, a bunch of crooks slicing up the pie for themselves, the only difference is that they have legitimised their dishonesty and donít usually have to bump anyone off.

And did Alistair in his speech say he was going to clean up the financial sector and bring in tighter regulation as President Obama did? Perhaps give regulatory control to the Bank of England? Split the Banks into Retail and Investment arms? Or control the Hedge Funds? No, not a bit of it, itís just business as usual. So I was right about that at least. Heís been leant on by City to do nothing and no doubt after he leaves government he will pick up a nice little earner for his lack of trouble, another incentive to do nothing.

His reason was that the financial sector needs to be free to operate outside of institutions, to take risks and stimulate growth. Exactly what got us into the mess we are in today! What risks? The financial sector takes no risks, it canít lose; Governments canít allow it to lose. They gamble with our money and if they lose it we prop them up with our taxes and they still get their bonuses whatever happens. They cannot be allowed to operate like this anymore.

This Labour Government has run out of ideas, out of moral authority, out of the ability to make decisions, to make good laws and regulations, basically it has run out of steam and should now be run out of office. We need new blood in Government like in America to start to put this country to right again. We need our own President Obama.