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Libya & Sharia

So Libya is nearly free from the tyrant Gaddafi and all the suffering and killing was worth it to gain what is most precious to all of us in the West, freedom. But what is this I hear, there is going to be something even more terrifying and tyrannical to replace Colonel Gaddafi. No, that cannot be, surely they wouldn’t give up their hard won freedom straight away? Unfortunately yes. The country is going to be run by that medieval barbaric doctrine, Sharia Law. Punishments include among others, stoning, amputations, eye removal, beheading; often for what are minor crimes in the West or no crime at all. Yes the Clerics (all men), the Islamic Fundamentalists, are going to run the country.

God Help them, especially the women that the Law is most harsh towards treating them no better than cattle. Actually God can’t help them as it is in the name of God that these punishments are carried out. The West should not have wasted one penny or one bomb on these medieval people because you can bet under Sharia Law, terrorism will thrive but the West, being gutless in the face of Islam, has allowed the Libyan brotherhood to get away with this.


We have destroyed our own local industries in the name of globalisation, deprived people of a decent living wage in the name of globalisation and we were told we would all be better off. Yes we can buy cheap, shoddy goods, from plastic toys from China to paper thin clothes from India that only last two minutes, produced by men, women and children living in modern day slavery but the cost to us is the breakdown of our communities and our society. We need to get back to making quality goods locally that last a lifetime and support our own countries and people, not importing goods from half way round the world that could be better made at home. Governments need to encourage the local economy not world trade. Being part of the madcap European experiment has not helped either as our country has become flooded with cheap Labour and undesirable people from all over Europe.
Globalisation has made the people who pioneered it stinking rich and the rest of us have been given a temporary improvement in our living conditions, a few trinkets and baubles for us peasants but now we the peasants are going to have to pay for the greed of our banks and businesses and the lack of vision of our political classes. We the peasants are all going to become a lot poorer, the people who got rich are going to stay rich and get richer. We are going to suffer the consequences of allowing these people to dictate to us, believing they knew better and were doing it for the good of society and not to line their own pockets. They are all very good charlatans and liars that have fooled us all but we still continue to allow them to rule over us and make decisions for us.

The BBC is like a large overgrown child speculating about who could have blown up Oslo. They’ve wheeled out all their experts, to talk endlessly one after another in their favourite game of ‘Let's Guess Who Done It’ and so far they’ve come up with about 6 different groups and people, from top of the shop, theirs and the people’s choice ‘Al Qaeda’ to the less newsworthy and therefore disappointing less hours to speculate, waste and pad out ‘the local nutter’.
Is it, is it the far right, is it Colonel Gaddafi, I know this one, I know it’s Humpty Dumpty, BBC, I said he was heading for a fall. Just wait BBC, they’ve got the nutter in custody; surely you can wait a few days for the facts to appear and you can spend that time growing up.

Gordon Brown's wife, Sarah, Rebecca Brooks(News International exec.), Murdoch's wife and daughter all at Chequers, (the country residence for British Prime Ministers) having a sleepover and a pyjama party? Please pass the sick bucket. Influential middle-aged women acting like teenagers, how dreadfully sad. Winston Churchill will be spinning in his grave. How the ruling classes have declined.

The other sight that’s stomach churning is seeing Keith Vaz, the Labour MP heading up the select committee into phone Hacking. He is one of the most discredited MPs in the House of Commons (remember the Filkin enquiry and the Hinduja affair + he helps himself to large amounts of expenses) and here is sitting in judgement on other people’s morality. Couldn’t they find an honest politician to sit on the committee?

You’d think with another major famine in Africa and Europe in financial meltdown along with the rest of the world, there would be a couple of really important topics to talk about in the media but the BBC is relentlessly pursuing the Phone Hacking story ad nauseam. At least some of the other news channels ITV, Channel 4 have got their sense of priorities correct and have been covering the famine first.

We have a democratic vote to elect politicians but what do we get instead a newspaper man. No one man and his organisation should have that much influence on our Governments through the use of intimidation. No politician should have secret meetings with any business let alone Media organisations. Western Governments need to get their houses in order and America needs to ditch Murdoch as well.
Rupert Murdoch? as straight as a boomerang cobber
Why is everyone so surprised? The 'Gutter Press' are called the 'Gutter Press' for good reason.
Women's final at Wimbledon - Hurray a Victory for the non shriekers, squealers and grunters.
Now maybe footballers will stop spitting and pigs might fly

Have you seen this economic genius recently? He seems to have disappeared but BEWARE he may be coming to a country near you, to wreck it!

Gordon Brown

The Labour Party has ruined our country yet again

Tony Blair

The Messiah earns millions of pounds every year but still charges £10 for children to attend his son's birthday party. How mean is that?

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