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For Kids sake Marry

Some facts and figures

family If you have children you should get married. There is enough evidence now that says that people who are married with children as opposed to just living together are much more likely to stay together. In fact the figures show that 3 out of 4 couples with children, that split up, are not married. The other worrying statistic is that 40% of children are now born out of wedlock. The stigma of children not having married parents has on the whole long gone i.e. they are no longer called ‘Bastards’ which is good in that it was not the child’s fault that their parents were not married but bad in the sense that this social stigma made parents more responsible about marriage.

For better or worse

At one time living together in ‘sin’ was looked on as being trendy as a way of showing how modern and bohemian you were as a person. Again those days are gone, the social change has happened, everyone does it now, which is fine if there are no children involved. It is hard enough bringing up children with two parents. Couples must stick together for the sake of any children and if marriage makes this more likely to happen, then get married. Once you have children, you have to be the adult, you cannot behave like a selfish child if sometimes marriage gets tough and it does. Marriage isn’t easy but you signed up ‘for better or worse’ and you can learn and grow as an individual through bad times, that’s what being an adult entails.


Children are wonderful, are magic, they bring joy, happiness, are full of surprises but they are also a huge responsibility. They break your heart and they make you whole. They do not deserve to be deserted by a parent, by one of their props in life; it is unfair, cruel and selfish. If you have children the children must come first and selfish, self-centred behaviour must be banished. You must rule your mind and learn to put your self second when it comes to a choice between you and the children. There are far too many, uncared for, unloved children in society who can grow up to have problems in adulthood.

The Reward

There is too much misinformation in the world, too much envy, the grass is always greener, everyone else is happier. It is up to us to make our own happiness and not get fooled by cheap magazines, TV, glitter and gloss. It isn’t easy bringing children up and maintaining a relationship with your partner but it is more rewarding than most things in life despite what the government and media try to make out. It makes for rounded, fulfilled human beings. It gives you a great sense of achievement to see your children become adults, at least you have achieved something in the ‘column for good’.

The Legal side

Unmarried couples have no protection under the law, there is no such thing as a common law wife or husband for that matter. If you split up you will be treated as separate individuals. If you are both contributing 50% to the home then you will both get 50% of the value when it is sold. If one is of the couple is contributing 80% and one 20% then that’s what each will get. If the property is only in one name then that person gets the property unless you contest it. Rights over the children will automatically go to the mother unless the father has put his name on the birth certificate and even then the mother’s wishes come first. One other thing to consider is that if one of you dies without a will any money, property, pensions etc solely owned by the deceased will go to their family not you. Also if the mother dies the father does not get automatic rights over the children. All in all splitting up in life or in death will make you and your family poorer. So be smart and get married. If your partner objects to marriage on financial grounds e.g. they own the house and don’t want you to get a share through marriage, do you really want to marry such a person? Do you think you will be happy with them? Hopefully you will find that out before you have any children. (Pre-nuptial agreements are just sick for the loveless and soulless)

The Cost

To get married in your local registry office will cost just over £100.00. So you have no excuse. There can be no objections. It makes absolute sense. Secure your children’s future with a wedding.