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Freedom - the true cost of ID Cards

Gordon Brown and his cronies are on skid row. Alleluia. So now will he get rid of some of the more unpopular and wasteful policies? Not in a million years, because he and the thieves that surround him, stopped listening to the people who put them into government a long time ago.

They’ve announced that they are going to go ahead with a voluntary trail of ID cards in Manchester. What use is a voluntary trial to man or beast? What sort of idiot would sign up for a voluntary trial unless you paid them? The sort of person that would sign up is not the sort of person the police are interested in or would even come across. It is a total and utter waste of public money like the whole lame-brained idea of ID Cards.

The full on version of ID Cards will cost £20 billion, give or take a billion of our hard earned money, to develop and then will cost each of us directly a handsome sum for the privilege of carrying them around. £20 billion that could be used in many more effective ways to combat terrorism or just to reduce our massive borrowings.

The argument that many other countries have them and therefore we should, is absolute nonsense. The UK has always led the way with individual human rights and freedoms, they’ve been hard fought over and many people have died so that we could enjoy those freedoms. We don’t just want to be like other countries, we want to be better than other countries; we want to show the whole world how democracy and freedom can work without tagging its citizens. Otherwise the terrorists and the Stalinists with their police states have won.

Stalin would be very proud of Gordon Brown and the Labour (Socialist) Party. Their government and Brown particularly, as he has been at the heart of it, have done more to erode those hard won rights than all the others governments put together since the turn of the 19th century: proposed holding people for 90 days without trial, failed but still managed to extend it to 28 days; holding indefinitely the DNA of innocent people and people who have committed minor offences; a children’s database; biometric passports; numerous other databases to spy on us; more surveillance cameras than any other country in Europe or probably the world, even in our rubbish bins; allowing the police to use the Anti-terrorism Act whenever it suits them; the list goes on. What will they do next barcode us or implant a chip for our 'safety' of course?

We must always remember the importance of our civil liberties and not give them up under any circumstances. It is a continuous battle to fight for them. These are very dangerous times for individual freedoms and we must stand up and be counted. Don’t let the fear mongers on the left and right of the political spectrum frighten us into a police state which only suits the political classes and we have seen recently how corrupt and bankrupt of morality they are.

If anyone should be tagged it should be these thieving, expense fiddling MPs, tagged like any other common criminal. They have forgotten that they work for us, the public, and were not put in parliament to remove our freedoms while lining their own pockets at our expense.

At the next election Vote for Freedom, while you still can, and remove this dangerous and corrupt Government that wants to remove our civil liberties.