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What price an MP?

MPs have been saying that if they were paid what they were worth they wouldnít need to claim all the non job related expenses or to embezzle and steal from the publicís hard earned tax money. I think most of us feel we should be paid more, what weíre worth but we donít go and steal it.

I believe that there should not only be a reduction in the number of MPs to say 400 but also instead of getting a pay rise they should actually get a pay cut especially as the European parliament (another even worse collection of fraudsters, embezzlers and downright crooks who refuse to publish their enormous expenses and are accountable to no-one) now does most of the work.

So what is an MP actually worth? They have such a high narcissistic opinion of themselves but what is their actual value. They say they should be paid a comparable wage to other professions. What is comparable to a MPís job? A Head teacher, a lawyer, a pilot or perhaps a doctor? No, I wouldnít say so as to do any of these jobs you need to study, you need qualifications and you need a lot of experience to be able to handle real responsibilities unlike an MP.

These jobs, like most jobs in the real world, are full time, not part time. MPs have two, three and in one case six other jobs all while still drawing £65k a year equivalent to a Head teachers salary, a job which very few of them could do successfully. All they have to do is meet a few constituents occasionally, answer a few letters, turn up at the Houses of Parliament about once a week and thatís about it. Nothing too taxing. Parliament itself is like a raucous club and then there are the long recesses (holidays).

To make the point, should one of them be slimy enough to become a minister earning £140k, not only do they have their new ministerial duties but they still retain their constituency duties as an MP. Two jobs but they manage. As you can see an MP is not that busy. They certainly have lots of time to build handsome property portfolios.

Unlike many other well paid jobs an MP doesnít need any qualifications which is not a bad thing as anyone who is competent and able should be able to stand for Parliament. However many of those sitting in Parliament have not got there by merit but by knowing or being related to someone on the inside. They can be absolute duffers at doing the simplest of tasks, and many of them are but as long as they are know someone in the incestuous political cliques they can get a job.

So what should an MP be paid? Georgia Gould, 22 year old daughter of Lord Philip Gould, Tony Blairís friend and polling guru, has been parachuted in to the safe Labour seat of Erith and Thamesmead and the other, real Labour candidate, has been pushed out. Cronyism at its best. By my reckoning a 22 year old graduate with no experience is worth £20k to £25k to a company if they are any good. So there we have it MPs should be paid a maximum of £25,000 because even a fresh faced graduate straight out of college, with no life experience can do the job.

There is also the argument that a job is only worth what people in the market place are willing to be paid to do it and I bet there are thousands of able people who would happily do this part time job for £25,000 or even less. I know I would.