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Policies not Personalities

I donít agree with Gordon Brown from a political point of view and I donít like the Labour Government which has run out of ideas and is tired and stale. Quite a few of the Labour MPs have shown themselves if not actually to be corrupt then to have lacked moral judgement over their expenses, admittedly the same can be said of the Conservatives. However I cannot agree with the pathetic, personal attack on Gordon Brown being orchestrated by the Sun newspaper for his misspelling of a dead soldierís name.

We all make mistakes even the Prime Minister, we are human. The letter should have remained a private matter between a grieving mother and the Prime Minister. Any views she may have had on the lack of equipment in the British Armed Forces she could have said to the press anyway and they would have reported it but the letter should not have been printed. It was just a vicious and vindictive attack by the Sun newspaper. The media should instead be focussing on some real journalism, a campaign to change government policy so that the right level of equipment is provided to our troops, not this silly tittle-tattle.

The BBC is also a disgrace in the way it has taken up this trivial (demeaning for the BBC) story and wasted hours and hours of prime time discussing it. The BBC has too many news programs which it fills with all sorts of trivia, quantity rather than quality, resulting in the once most respected News service becoming a poor shadow of its former self. It is the old adage Ďless is moreí.

There is definitely an issue over lack of equipment for our soldiers. How many generals need to tell the Government and for soldiers to die before they do something about it? The Government seems to be able to find billions of pounds to bail out the Banks so the bankers can pay themselves handsome Christmas bonuses but we canít find a few million pounds to provide enough helicopters and armoured vehicles for our troops. I am sure we could even get the necessary equipment on credit like everything else.

We are a society that has got its priorities totally wrong. Our troops should have the bonuses as they are protecting our banks, our streets, our way of life from the bombs that would surely come here if Afghanistan was allowed to become a lawless state again. We need to ensure our troops have everything they need. It is an utter disgrace that they donít. These are brave men and women that need our total support. How many of us would put our lives on the line for our country or would want to see our children go out to fight even if properly equipped?

Gordon Brown, I am sure, is a decent and honourable man who is trying to do the best for Britain and feels as much as the rest of us over the loss of these young men, perhaps more so, as he has overall responsibility for their presence in these areas of conflict. At least he takes the time to write, in his own hand, to every family that suffers a loss in these sad times. He doesnít have to, Downing Street could just issue a standard letter.

I never thought I would be writing in support of Gordon Brown. If the Sun newspaper is now supporting the Conservatives to win the next election then they are making a poor fist of it as I imagine many people will feel like me on this issue and sympathise with Gordon Brown. Attacking politicians on a personal level is not the way to fight a political campaign especially if the politician doesnít deserve it. It is not good for politics which should be about policy, it is not good for democracy and it is not good for Britain. We need to vote in the best political party to lead the country based on their policies and abilities not based on the best media smear campaign.