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Democracy Disgraced

The elite cosy clique, the exclusive club that is the European parliament has elected its President and Foreign Secretary during a sumptuous banquet paid for by you and me the taxpayer, that is by those of us who still have jobs to pay taxes, after this incompetent, self-serving lot mucked up the world economy.

So they have set another fine example to the world on how democracy should work. The Labour Government in Britain promised the people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty which in the end they reneged on i.e. they lied. The Irish voted against the Lisbon Treaty, were told to vote again and were frightened into voting for it. The other small countries in Europe were bullied into signing the Treaty.

Now a chosen few (although Gordon Brown was never chosen as Prime Minister) have chosen two to lead Europe one of whom, Baroness Ashton our new European Foreign Secretary, has never been elected to anything and the other Van Rompuy, the new President, is the quietest, most unthreatening man they could find for the position so that he does not overshadow any of the national political leaders.

The Lisbon treaty was sold to us as an appointment of a European President and Foreign Secretary who could take their place on the world stage and stand up to the likes of China, Russia and America, not two stooges doing the bidding of the elected European leaders in which case they may as well not be there and we could have saved all this pain and taxes.

So there we have it the 2 top jobs in Europe, along with the other 12 top jobs of the European Commissioners, are unelected, lucrative positions to be passed amongst colleagues and friends and they wonder why people are disillusioned with the political process when we have no say in who leads us. This is not Democracy!

The European Parliament remains corrupt, it has never had a set of accounts passed, and the MPs refuse to reveal what they claim in expenses. It wastes huge amounts of money on useless jobs and such ridiculous schemes as paying wealthy people with hobby farms to not grow crops when they have no intention of growing any. These two new appointments will do nothing to make Europe more accountable or less dishonest.

The only good thing to say about the whole sorry episode is that Tony Blair, who should be on trial at The Hague for war crimes, didnít get the job so we donít have to put up with 5 years of his oozing snake oil salesman charm and his grasping, greedy wife.