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13 Labour Years

The Labour Government has gone. Three cheers for democracy and may it be a very long time before they get into power again. Last time they were in power 1974-1979, they started by going cap in hand to the IMF in 1976 and ended with crippling strikes and the Winter of Discontent in 1979. Many people vowed then never to let them back into power but we all have short memories especially when oily characters like Tony B.Liar are making promises.

This time they have really bankrupted the economy to the extent that you, me and the next generation will be paying to put it right, through higher taxes and poorer services, education, health and housing. Bright kids from all but the richest backgrounds will be put off from going to University because of the higher fees and another whole generation will be lost to the world of work.

When they had the chance in the good years to get the structural economy right and get people back to work, in good jobs with a living wage, they brought in cheap labour from abroad and put the indigenous people on the long term sick to keep the unemployment figures down. This helped their business friends to get rich on cheap labour but didn’t help to provide long term jobs or benefits to the local communities.

The Labour party say that it is a world recession and all countries have the same problem, it is not their fault. There is a world recession but other comparable countries like France and Germany only have half the debt that we have. In the good years Gordon Brown, that great financial guru who had put an end ‘to boom and bust’ (certainly he put an end to the boom), didn’t make any provision for the bad years and kept borrowing and spending money we didn’t have. Now we are going to have to pay off our debt with a failing economy, huge numbers on sick and unemployment and less money in everyone’s pockets.

When Labour’s Liam Byrne, chief secretary to the Treasury left office, he left a note to his successor – ‘there’s no money left’ which about sums up Labour Governments; inane, immature, irresponsible and profligate with your money. They should all be hanging their heads in shame but like all politicians they are thick-skinned and have set about attacking the new government as if they had no hand at all in the disastrous state of Britain’s financial affairs.

Of course, I forgot, they are happy to take large sums of money from the public purse in pay and expenses but they are never responsible for anything, it is always someone else’s fault. (The American equivalent to the House of Commons, the House of Representatives only has 435 members and we have 650 members in the Commons and yet we are a 6th of the size in population! Can we not reduce it to 200 and get rid of 450 living off state benefits, many of whom never do a days work.)

Labour has even had the audacity to vote in a left wing leader, Red Ed, who I wouldn’t trust to run the local corner shop let alone a country, someone who has never ‘worked’ in his life. This man cannot even set a good example to the rest of the country, that already has a huge problem with single parents, by marrying his girlfriend and giving his name to his children.

I just hope that in 5 years our memories have not faded and we stupidly give the Labour party another opportunity to destroy this country by making us a third world nation.

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