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Our Corrupt European Parliament

The Lisbon Treaty is about to be ratified and what started out as an economic union of Europe will become a political union also. The Irish Republic, which fought so long and hard for its own political independence from Britain, having originally voted ‘No’ have been cajoled and frightened into voting ‘Yes’ to the Treaty and into surrendering its independence again.

Strangely enough countries that voted ‘Yes’ originally weren’t given a second chance to vote and some countries, including the UK, have never had a chance to vote at all on something that affects all our lives as it removes many of our National sovereign rights.

The last two countries holding out on ratification, Poland and the Czech Republic, being mere minnows in the New Europe, will be easily rolled over into signing with only a little bribery and intimidation. It all reflects the new order which excludes fairness and openness and which we can all come to expect from our new European masters.

Our new rulers in Europe will be even more distant from us behind more layers of bureaucracy and even less accessible and less accountable. The new posts of President of Europe and Foreign minister for Europe that the Lisbon Treaty establishes, will be unelected positions (of course) as are the European Commissioners so the cosy political elite of Europe will be able to dish out more lucrative jobs amongst themselves as these new positions will come with a whole retinue of sycophants, sinecures and easy salary jobs.

Peter Mandelson is a prime example of the political elite’s power to distribute patronage in Europe. Twice thrown out of the Labour Government in the UK for corruption, was ‘rewarded’ with a job as one of the Commissioners, no doubt because he would go unnoticed amongst all the other corrupt and dishonest people involved in the European Parliament.

Neil Kinnock (Lord Windbag), another Commissioner, who gave well-paid jobs to his family and friends in Europe including his dentist, when approached by a whistle blower with details of fraud within the European parliament, didn’t have the perpetrators arrested but sacked the whistle blower instead.

These are just 2 of the British commissioners that we know about in this country, I imagine this is replicated throughout Europe, the political elite doing favours for family and friends and each other just as if it were one big family firm, like the mafia.

In 1999 the Commissioners resigned en masse over allegations of corruption. The European Parliament is corrupt; it has never had a set of accounts passed by the auditors. If it were a business it would have been closed down. This is the Parliament where its members vote against revealing their expenses. This is the Parliament that costs a fortune in administration and wastes vast sums of money on such schemes as ensuring bananas sold within Europe are the correct shape. (Total bananas!)

Finally, the most sickening part of all of this is that Tony Blair may become the first President of Europe with his greedy and grasping wife as First Lady. Tony Blair, the man who along with George W. Bush should be on trial at the Hague for war crimes committed in Iraq; the man who never explained where he got the money to buy multi-million pound properties when Prime Minister and whose expenses were ‘accidentally’ shredded; the man who did more harm to the integrity of British politics than any politician before him, this man, a stranger to truth and honesty, will be chosen to represent the new Europe. An inauspicious start to the shiny new birth of a super state.