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The Flowering of Fascism Ė Deadly Nightshade

Fascism is on the rise in the UK again in the guise of the British National Party (BNP). The BBC has even allowed the BNP leader, Nick Griffin, onto Question Time which is a shame on the BBC. Whenever times get tough economically the ugly face of political extremism comes to the fore exploiting the populationís hardships. The BNP is a thoroughly nasty and racist party which all right thinking people must make every effort to oppose.

It is said that we never learn from history which the recent Banking collapse would suggest is true as it was the deregulation of the Banking Industry rules brought in after the 1929 Crash that was a major cause of its collapse this time.

It seems as well that people who vote for the BNP have forgotten what happened after the 1929 Crash with the rise of fascism in Germany. Fascism that led to the misery and destruction of World War II and a clear demonstration of the evil possibilities of man, of manís inhumanity to man, in the systematic murder of 6 million Jews. Let us never forget.

The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, is a Holocaust denier; he is a smiling villain who pretends none of it happened that way he believes his party will be more palatable to the general populace. Of course he is not allowed to deny the Holocaust too publicly as in many countries in Europe it is against the law for the very reason that Governments want to ensure we never forget.

Britain is multi-racial, multi-faith, multi-cultural and much the richer for it. We all learn from each other to make a better, more tolerant society and all ethnic groups continue to contribute to the financial wealth of the UK. Over the centuries immigrants from all over the world have settled in the UK and have an equal right to be here Black, Asian, Muslim, Jew etc as any white UK resident.

There is a significant underclass in Britain which wallows in its own ignorance, to which successive governments have failed to demonstrate the benefits of education. This is the class that the BNP target, playing on their fears about Muslims, tarring all Muslims with the same brush and blaming their poverty on Blacks and Asians taking their jobs, whereas in fact, it is their lack of education that has made them unemployable. These ignorant people, who are too foul and lazy to better themselves, look to the BNP to set them up in burgers and beer for life through violence inflicted on non whites and non Christians living in the UK.

We must make sure that we always speak out strongly against fascism and that, where we are able, we use our vote to exclude them from political life. We must not be indifferent, that is how Hitler came to power, especially when it comes to the European Parliament and local councils where fascism is gaining ground due to the disinterest of the mainstream public. If you need any other reason to oppose the BNP and fascism then just look at the thugs called bodyguards that surround Nick Griffin and imagine them in power.

We must put an end to this rise in fascism and ensure that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons are removed from the European Parliament at the next election and that all BNP councillors suffer a similar fate. It is for us right thinking people to put a stop to fascism now.