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Office Slavery

Offices are a modern hell on earth for the majority of human beings who work in them. They are dreary, demeaning and dehumanising. They treat employees like children with their petty rules and silly hierarchical structures and the employees return the compliment by behaving like children, doing the minimum to get their salary and putting two fingers up to their employer. They are not cool, exciting or glamorous but dull, dreary and degrading.

The Management is usually excruciating bad to the point of blindness and leadership is non-existent. Bullies appear a step or two up the greasy ladder and are found all the way to the top of an organisation, wielding their little bit of power in their sad little worlds. The work given to employees is mind and bum numbingly boring and mostly useless, normally involving ripping off innocent members of the public or other organisations; eyes are glazed over, jaws locked open from uncontrollable yawning and the workforce totally demoralised by end of the day.

Offices are grey open prison camps where we all trudge off for five days a week with two days remission at the weekend. People get paid a pittance while others get rich off the backs of them. A parasitical paradise. Iím sure we were not born to spend our short lives slaving in woeful circumstances to make someone else rich. They are not edifying places where a human being can be fulfilled but deeply depressing dungeons.

Bullying is rife despite Personnel Departments and company policies. Wherever you get hierarchical structures, you get bullying and there is very little you can do about it as the ĎManagementí stick together and support their own. My advice if you are being specifically bullied and you canít face the bully down, is to get out, because even if you do fight, it is a long lonely, soul destroying process which will brand you as a trouble maker with no hope of promotion even if you win.

Most offices havenít realised that if you treat people well, like adults, give them interesting work that benefits others, pay them a decent salary and give them a share in the profits, they will behave like adults, do a good job and the company will prosper. The trouble is, most senior management are too busy feathering their own nests to worry about yours.

In a hundred years time, or hopefully much sooner, people will look back and be amazed how we worked in such excruciating environments and wonder how and why we let these people get away with grinding us down while they profited, much the same as we look back now at conditions 100 years ago in factories and mines.

If you are trapped in an office and canít get out what can you do to make your life better and your colleagues?

Always be friendly and professional

Be helpful to others

Keep your head down and get on with the work

Donít get distracted by office goings on

Hit your deadlines

Go that extra mile; see what else you can do; what improvements you can make

Be positive; go to work in the right frame of mind

Donít take days off sick unless you really have to

Never lose your temper Ė count to 10

Donít gossip, bad mouth your colleagues or management

Keep youíre ear to the ground and put yourself forward for opportunities

Remember itís not just about turning up every day but how you turn up

Donít take the office home with you Ė get a life outside

Finally donít let the bastards grind you down, get another job