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American Presidents 1

Abraham Lincoln

Enter the appropriate letter against the question below.

a. Herbert Hoover /~/ b. Theodore Roosevelt /~/ c. Ulysses S. Grant

d. Harry S Truman /~/ e. John F Kennedy /~/ f. Ronald Reagan

g. Jimmy Carter /~/ h. John Adams

i. Franklin D. Roosevelt /~/ j. George H. W. Bush

1. The 2nd American President?:
2. President that dropped the first atomic bomb?:
3. 1st Gulf War President?:
4. President during the depression 1929-1933 ?:
5. President in office in 1943?:

6. President during the Cuba Crisis?:
7. Which Mt Rushmore President is missing, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, - ?:
8. President who received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize?:
9. President who was a famous general during the American Civil War?:
10. 40th President of the United States?: