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American Presidents 2

George Washington

Enter the appropriate letter against the question below.

a. Woodrow Wilson /~/ b. Thomas Jefferson /~/ c. Andrew Johnson

d. Abraham Lincoln /~/ e. Gerald Ford/~/ f. William Henry Harrison

g. Dwight D Eisenhower /~/ h. Richard Nixon

i. Lyndon B Johnson /~/ j. Bill Clinton

1. Watergate President? :
2. President during the American Civil War?:
3. President Christened William Jefferson Blythe?:
4. President during the World War 1?:
5. President who succeeded John F Kennedy?:
6. President who was the main author responsible for the 1776 ‘Declaration of Independence’?:
7. President who was Supreme Commander of Allied forces during World War 2?:
8. President in office at the end of the Vietnam war?:
9. President that succeeded Abraham Lincoln?:
10. President that served the shortest term (1 month)?: