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Do you know your American Presidents? Enter the appropriate letter against question below

The 2nd American President?:
President that dropped the first atomic bomb?:
1st Gulf War President?:
President during the depression 1929-1933 ?:
President in office in 1943?:
President during the Cuba Crisis?:
Which Mt Rushmore President is missing, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, - ?:
President who received the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize?:
President who was a famous general during the American Civil War?:
40th President of the United States?:
Watergate President? :
President during the American Civil War?:
President Christened William Jefferson Blythe?:
President during the World War 1?:
President who succeeded John F Kennedy?:
President who was the main author responsible for the 1776 ‘Declaration of Independence’?:
President who was Supreme Commander of Allied forces during World War 2?:
President in office at the end of the Vietnam war?:

A = Herbert Hoover; B = Ronald Reagan; C = Theodore Roosevelt;
D = Abraham Lincoln; E = Woodrow Wilson; F = George H. W. Bush;
G = Dwight D Eisenhower; H = Gerald Ford; I = Lyndon B Johnson;
J = John Adams; K = Richard Nixon; L = Franklin D. Roosevelt;
M = Thomas Jefferson; N = Jimmy Carter; O = Bill Clinton;
P = Harry S Truman; Q = Ulysses S. Grant; R = John F Kennedy