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Quick & easy? General Knowledge 2

How good is you general knowledge? How many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
Leonardo da Vinci Botticelli Raphael Michelangelo

2. In which country is Timbuktu?
Ghana Niger Mali Benin

3. Approximately how old is planet earth in billions of years?
4.5 10.6 1.2 30.3

4. How many states are in America in 2016?
55 48 53 50

5. Which country was Hitler born in?
Switzerland Austria Germany Hungary

6. Who was the first Pope in Rome?
Pius Peter John Paul

7. The river Seine flows through which city?
Paris Madrid Berlin Rome

8. How many people on court players are in a basketball team?
10 6 5 7

9. Which element has an atomic number of 1 on the periodic table?
Helium Neon Oxygen Hydrogen

10. What is the boiling point of water at sea level in Celsius?
100 1 10 1000