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Quick & easy? General Knowledge

How good is you general knowledge? How many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. How long is the Great Wall of China in kilometres?
32,700 5,500 21,200 10,300

2. What is the capital of Slovakia?
Zagreb Ljubljana Sarajevo Bratislava

3. When were the Pyramids at Giza built?
2500BC 5000BC 500BC 10,000BC

4. Where are the Ural Mountains?
Ukraine China Russia Afghanistan

5. How many bones are in the body ?
206 323 183 153

6. When was the battle of waterloo?
1810 1815 1805 1819

7. What is the 5th planet from the sun?
Saturn Jupiter Uranus Earth

8. Which Element on the periodic table has atomic number 8 ?
Iron Nitrogen Carbon Oxygen

9. In Which year was the Russian Revolution?
1917 1923 1914 1910

10. Where is Kathmandu?
Bhutan Nepal Kashmir Tibet