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Quick & easy? General Knowledge

How good is you general knowledge? How many can you get without looking up the answers?
1. When did Napoleon come to power?
1776 1799 1760 1815

2. Where are the Atlas Mountains?
Africa Europe America Australia

3. Who painted The Last Supper?
Michelangelo Titian Raphael Da Vinci

4. Where was Hitler born?
Germany Austria Hungary Czechoslovakia

5. How many states in America (2016)?
52 55 50 51

6. Which country is on the Equator?
Nigeria Paraguay Ethiopia Colombia

7. Where would you find the patella?
Leg Arm Chest Head

8. What is the capital of Belarus?
Riga Kiev Minsk Sofia

9. How far is the sun in million Kilometers?
90 550 230 150

10. What percentage of the air we breathe in is Oxygen?
50% 20% 69% 80%