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Kings and Queens 1

Enter the appropriate letter against question below

Monarch during World War 1?: Monarch that followed the Cromwells?:
Monarch that ruled for 9 days?: Monarch that won at Agincourt?:
Monarch that signed Magna Carta?: Last of the Tudors?:
Monarch on the throne in 1710?: Monarch that lost America?:
Monarch that followed Henry VIII?: Last Lancastrian Monarch?:
Monarch that abdicated in 1936?: Monarch that died at Hastings?:
First Yorkist King?: Monarch killed at Bosworth?:
Monarch on the throne in 1905?: Monarch that preceded Victoria?:
Henry VIII's eldest child?: Last of the Normans?:

crown A = Elizabeth I; B = Henry V; C = Edward VIII; D = Mary I;
E = Richard III; F = Edward IV; G = Charles II; H = Edward VII;
I = William IV; J = Anne I; K = Harold II; L = George III;
M = Henry VI; N = Stephen I; O = George V; P = Jane I;
Q = Edward VI; R = John I