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Kings and Queens 2

Enter the appropriate letter against question below

Monarch who has ruled the longest?: First Plantagenet Monarch?:
Monarch involved in the 3rd crusade?: Monarch on the throne in 1750?:
Monarch who was the child of Anne Boleyn?: Gunpowder plot Monarch?:
Monarch who was ‘Unready’?: Monarch who ruled jointly with William III?:
A Viking monarch of England?: Monach who followed Anne I?:
Monarch who won at Crecy?: Monach who lost the English Civil War?:
First Tudor Monarch?: Monarch during the Peasants revolt of 1381?:
Monarch during WW2?: Monarch who finally defeated the Lancastrians?:
The ‘Hammer of the Scots’?: Only Monarch to be called ‘Great’?:

crown A = Charles I; B = Canute; C = Edward I; D = George II;
E = Richard II; F = Victoria; G = Alfred; H = Richard I;
I = George I; J = Edward IV; K = Elizabeth I; L = George VI;
M = James I; N = Henry II; O = Ethelred; P = Edward III;
Q = Mary II; R = Henry VII