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British Kings and Queens 4

Elizabeth 1

Enter the appropriate letter against the question below.

a. Henry VII /~/ b. George VI /~/ c. William I

d. Edward IV /~/ e. James II /~/ f. Charles I

g. Edward I /~/ h. Edward III

i. Alfred /~/ j. Richard II

1. Monarch who won at Crecy?:
2. Monach who lost the English Civil War?:
3. First Tudor Monarch?:
4. Monarch during the Peasants revolt of 1381?:
5. Monarch during WW2?:

6. Monarch who finally defeated the Lancastrians?:
7. The ‘Hammer of the Scots’?:
8. Only Monarch to be called ‘Great’?:
9. Which Monarch was overthrown by the bloodless revolution in 1688?:
10. First Norman Monarch?: