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Are you self aware? Do you control that nagging or indifferent voice in your head or does it control you?

Do you get lost in the world of ‘you’? Do you find yourself being driven along without you being in control? That you appear to be on auto-pilot? That the voice in your head is driving you forward of its own volition? You know how it is. ‘Nothing ever changes. It is always the same’; ‘Things are as they are’; ‘Why does nothing ever go right?’ ‘It’s sod’s law.’

That voice forever nagging or maybe it’s just ticking over. ‘Another dollar, another day.’; ‘same old, same old’; ‘something to eat, feed the cat, bath and bed’; ‘life goes on’. You feel comfortable with your inner voice like an old pair of slippers. It’s like an old friend. You don’t want to change it. It has got you this far but ask yourself has it done you any favours? Does it just keep you in a risk free, comfort zone? Somewhere where you don’t have to do too much or try too hard. Somewhere where you can always make excuses, point at something else that is the cause of it all, like luck or its written in the stars or a million other reasons why you don’t move forward with anything in life.

Life does go on and suddenly weeks, months, sometimes years have gone by before you wake up from the dream like state and wonder how you got there or why you are still where you are and haven’t moved on. A moment of clarity of lucidity. Your inner voice taken unawares in that moment. What do you do then? Do you change? Perhaps you try a little, start going to the gym or take up an evening course but it doesn’t last and you go back to sleep again. The negative, indifferent voice assumes control and you return to your half life, your zombie state. Time passes and again you wake up to that brief moment of lucidity and vision of what could be but each time you wake up you get a stronger and stronger sense that it is getting too late to do anything, that you are powerless to do anything. Life is just slipping you by.

But it is never too late to WAKE UP and take control. Take control of that little nagging, indifferent voice. It is your voice, your consciousness. Your stream of consciousness as James Joyce termed it. You can control it. You can become self aware. Don’t let that same old record keep playing over and over again, break the record, sing some new songs to your own tune. Don’t let the voice dominate you, you become the master of your inner voice and then you can do things you’ve always wanted to. ‘Seize the day’ as Saul Bellow aptly put it. What sort of inner voice are you going to have, positive and up beat or negative and down beat?

Sometimes events do take you along, a family tragedy, sickness or just some very bad times but you can still be in control or be wrestling to regain control. You may think that this makes you some sort of control freak but it doesn’t because the paradox is that the more you control your thoughts, the freer you are to do exactly what you want to do. You will find that suddenly you have a lot more freedom because you are not dictated to by an inner voice. You will be able to ditch a lot of the inner mental baggage because you will not need it anymore. Your mind will be lighter and more lucid.

When it comes down to it, it is the age old question between whether you believe in fate or free will. Of course we are all fated to die but in the meantime we might as well use our free will to enjoy ourselves, to fulfil our lives and our life plans. So get a new positive voice that you control, don’t get stuck in a rut controlled by your inner voice. It is up to you to act. Act now it is never too late.