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Education eroded under Labour

For a Government that came in crowing that ĎEducation, Education, Educationí was their top priority they have failed miserably to deliver a good education system that benefits the majority of children in England.

Private education demonstrates how good education can be delivered but by doing that it also illustrates how poor much of the state sector is. So in the dying days of this Government do we hear of renewed efforts to improve the schools; to finally commit to delivering on their promises? Not a bit of it. It is the same old socialist/communist ideology of destroying anything that is different or better than the norm and pulling everything down to the same meagre, dreary, grey so that their policies no longer look like failure.

So attacking the private schools, threatening to close them down and remove their charitable status unless they let in more children from poor backgrounds on bursaries, is in their view fair game. Spreading their toxic propaganda that private schools are elitist and full of rich kids whereas the truth is that the majority of parents that send their children to private schools are not rich but scrape together the fees at the expense of other luxuries in life, like big four wheel drives, foreign holidays, a social life, even in some cases to the extent of impoverishing themselves for many years.

Why do parents do it? Is it because they have £10,000 to burn every year? No. Itís because in many areas the state does not provide a level of education that ensures their children get a good start in life; it is the choice they make and if democracy is about anything it is about choice.

If anything parents should be rewarded for sending their children to private schools because they pay twice towards their childrenís education, once through their taxes, for which they get nothing, and once through the school fees. If the private schools didnít take some of burden of educating children off the state (about 11%) the state schools would be in an even more sorry state than they are currently.

The Labour Party are anti-choice, they want the masses to be all the same and therefore controllable. They want all their policies to look successful so they will be re-elected. How do they make the state education sector look good? They make the exams so easy that now everyone passes, everyone is successful and the whole system becomes meaningless. Exams have become so easy that even the monkeys at the zoo can get five A stars. Their watering down of the exam system and their constant meddling and fiddling has further eroded our once admired education system.

The latest wheeze was to roll out Mandelson, an unelected (Dark) Lord from the Upper House of Parliament, who is homosexual and doesnít have any children, to tell us how he was going to make it difficult for children who went to private schools to get into the top universities. He would achieve this by introducing a points system that favoured state educated children. Exam results, top grades would no longer matter, going to a state school would be the most important factor. So our brightest people who this country needs more than ever donít get the best education. It would be laughable if this was in a farce and not real life.

Everyone should have a chance in society, society should be fair, but it isnít and it never can be. Money makes for an unequal society. Penalising children who went to private school will not make society any fairer. The Labour Government wants Joe public to send their children to the rotten state schools while many hypocritical Labour MPs and Ministers send their children to top private schools. These hypocrites then toe the party line and spout on about how good the state education is.

The Government should be using the private sector as the model to which they aspire for the state schools not attacking it. The private sector would not be so successful if the state sector was any good. In Germany there are very few private schools as the state schools are so good that there is no demand for a private sector. If the Government had the will it could deliver the same here but unlike Germany successive governments have failed to look after the children and the people of this island. We the people must force governments to provide an excellent education system for all our children so that we have a more equal and better society.