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The (Labour) Party is over

The UK government has its annual (Labour) party conference this week on the South coast in Brighton. They are in dire trouble with the electorate, their opinion poll ratings indicate that they are down the pan (25%) and will lose heavily in 6 months time. Gordon Brown is not popular even within his own party, he is not photogenic or media savvy unlike his oily, car salesman predecessor Tony Blair. All in all things are not looking good for these champagne socialists (champagne for those in power and their friends, water for everyone else). Like the Labour Governmentsí Baroness Scotland who earns a good 6 figure salary and who hired an illegal immigrant for just over the minimum wage well below the average for workers in London.

This is the Party and Government that has presided over the widening of the gulf between rich and poor, the failure of our schools through constant meddling, the huge influx of illegal immigrants, the restriction on individual freedom, the squandering of vast amounts of money in the good times and even more now in the bad times who canít even bring in a simple law to restrict their banking chums from paying themselves vast salaries and bonuses. In essence the further breakdown and decay of society through indifference or more to the point through self interest, lining their pockets through extortionate expense claims and property dealings at the tax payers expense; fiddling while Rome burns.

And now they wheel out the Fiddler in Chief to try and save the party and win them the next election. Sacked twice for dishonesty from the UK Government, given a lucrative unelected Commissionerís job in Europe by his party cronies and now given another unelected government job in the House of Lords by an unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. Yes itís The Dark Lord Mandelson who has never explained where he got all the money for his multi-million pound properties but we could ask some of his Russian billionaire buddies who benefited when he was European Commissioner, they might know.

It is frightening to think that the Labour Government and Party have sunk so low, are so bankrupt of good people and ideas, as they have bankrupted all of us for years to come, that it has to rely on this manipulative, sinister, frightening man to turn around its fortunes. It is a shame on them, a shame on politics and a shame on the country as a whole that we have allowed men like Mandelson to usurp the political process. President Obama recognised the smell of decay and therefore avoided Gordon Brown. We must follow suit and ensure at the next election that we consign this rotten Labour Government to an ignoble history where it belongs although I think like all bad apples Mandelson will turn up again.