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The world has a soul and we all have our own part of that soul. I am convinced of that and have experienced it on a number of occasions. It is the burning light within us, not just the spark of life, something more powerful and elemental than that. It has no personality, no character, it is untouchable but we can get closer to it by working at improving ourselves as human beings.

Through learning, by improving our mind, through Art and Science we can break down the ignorance that surrounds the soul and become in tune with our inner being, that glowing yellow light that can save mankind if we let it.

We get glimpses of our soul and the world’s, when we see something beautiful in nature or in Art or when we understand something magical about the universe. We all have those moments and we should strive to have more of them and not corrupt our ability to do so by an over-indulgent life.

Man throughout time has been trying to explain that mysterious part of himself; from the sun worshippers, through to our modern religions but they only serve to confuse the issue with their attempts to claim exclusivity over it. The soul does not belong to the Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist or to any other religion; it belongs to you. Some religions have made money and political power out of this mystery and continue to do so. Many lives have been lost in the name of religion. It is time we claimed the world’s soul back for ourselves and grew up as a race without all the mumbo jumbo of religion.

Religions does do some good in the world, the tenets on which the major religions are based form a good moral backbone for society e.g. love/help your fellow man but they are also divisive. We need to become a totally secular society with all religious worship banned. We can have meetings, gatherings instead where we help each other and people less well off without the blind worshipping of something incomprehensible. Why do we pray? Nothing has ever told us to and it blatantly doesn’t work. Just look at the world around you. It would be much better for everyone to meditate and that way get closer to their soul. People can still do some good in the world but without the cloak of religious nonsense.

Man is the same the world over, he has a brain, heart, lungs, arms legs, the only difference is his view on the world which comes from centuries of indoctrination (cultural brainwashing). We need to escape all that cultural baggage and become just Man, pure and simple and then we have a better chance of coming together as a global society where we all cooperate to overcome the massive problems facing mankind without wasting huge amounts of resources on wars and competition. As a world we need to tackle the problems of food, energy, disease and pollution which we cannot do with the old religious, political and economic systems.