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Don't throw away your life

Never, never, never. It is never the answer. It answers nothing. There is always another way, another solution to problems. I know, at times, life is overwhelming but you must promise yourself that no mater how difficult it gets, you will not take this way out.

I am sure that most people have at some time contemplated suicide. I donít think you can be human if you donít occasionally wonder what life is all about and if it is worth the struggle. Everyone with a reasonable level of intelligence must question existence in general and their existence specifically. I know I did a lot of that when I was younger but vowed to myself that I would never take that step.

Suicidal thoughts tend to affect young people more because quite often they have not as yet come to terms with all aspects of life through experience; not that you ever do come to terms with everything but you can make some sort of peace.

I am not trying to talk down or be patronising, I think it is just a fact that there is always more to learn, you never know what is coming which is what makes life scary but ultimately wonderful and magnificent.

If you are desperate there are plenty of support groups out there from the church to the Samaritans, all good people, eager and willing to help. You can email me and I will try my best to help. The vast majority of human beings would want to help you. We are on your side, we sympathise, and can empathise with you. Most of us have been through dark and bleak times that seemed to have no end but we held on.

Time passes; you can rely on that and things change. I am not the same person I was five years ago, I am not sure I am the same person of six months ago or even yesterday. Time changes everything. Time is the great healer. Nothing is fixed within, that you donít want to be fixed. You can change your thoughts, your view of the world. You have just chosen to focus on one dark aspect at the expense of all the others.

If you wanted you could just live and watch what happens to you. Be indifferent to everything. See what the world does to you. Like a film being played out before you. You donít have to take any action and like most films you will discover something of interest. If you are ready to finish your life what does it matter if you live indifferently? It takes the ego and the will out of the equation and when you and the world change for the better, you can take part again.

Better still live for others. There are plenty of old, poor, lonely, sick or just damaged people in the world that need help. Any help. If you are going to throw away your life then give it to those that need you. If not in the Britain then there are plenty of other countries in the world crying out for help. It takes real guts to take your own life, if you are that brave you can do anything, you can make a difference and change a small part of the world for the better. Life is too precious to destroy.

Think also of the people you leave behind. They donít deserve the misery and bewilderment that such an action would bring. Despite how black it looks people do care for you. If you can force your mind back from the edge of despair think what else you can do with that power. What good you could do.