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Synonyms 1

Select the word that has the closest meaning to the first word. How many can you get without looking them up?
1. Turgid
confused bloated tortuous difficult

2. Lucid
drunk insane clear dreaming

3. Ingenuous
corrupt fake simple mean

4. Obsequious
obscure religious shaded servile

favourite negative consensus majority

cowardly leaking suggestive beginning

7. Hiatus
interruption plateau cloud barrier

immoral undecided habitual profound

9. Sanguine
confident wise deathly cosy

negligent lazy jealous concise

11. Mendacious
impudent dishonest unbelievable beggarly

12. Turbid
heated muddy swollen dusky

13. Kudos
glory happiness wealth strength

14. Serendipity
secrecy underhandedness quickness fortuity

15. Replete
plaited rounded gorged finished

16. Egregious
quarrelsome lively shocking saintly

17. Irascible
irritable wicked talkative temporary

18. Turpitude
abruptness depravity foresight boldness

19. Parsimonious
deceitful holy lean stingy

20. Hermetic
virginal ancient alone airtight