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Synonyms 2

Select the word that has the closest meaning to the first word. How many can you get without looking them up?
1. Lugubrious
confident miserable adventurous wicked

2. Blithe
carefree colourless fast subtle

3. Callow
cruel immature dense candle

4. Didactic
adaptable seaworthy stubborn edifying

5. Malleable
edible pleasing friendly plastic

6. Homily
cosy sermon vagabond neighbour

7. Intemperate
volatile mild drunk hot

8. Expurgate
dispatch exchange purify challenge

9. Pugnacious
hostile handsome penniless dog like

10. Ossify
decay dribble stiffen lie

11. Diaphanous
delicate framed well-built rigid

12. Sardonic
poisonous dingy mocking sluggish

13. Disparage
dissuade belittle abandon scare

14. Nebulous
powerful clever airborne shapeless

15. Sententious
wordy concise mean short-lived

16. Indigenous
native annoyed purple diseased

17. Peripatetic
ulcerous fizzy nomadic deaf

18. Deleterious
hearsay harmful heavenly severe

19. Consonant
poetic bullying harmonious musical

20. Expedite
journey change kill hurry