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What is one of the biggest wastes of time in life? What do most of us spend 20 to 30 hours of our precious free time doing every week? Yes youíve got it in one, watching TV.

We get out of bed and switch it on; we come home from work and switch it on. Even if there is nothing worth watching, which is most of the time, we switch it on. We flip through the channels to find the least mindless programme and we end up watching non-stop drivel.

If we average 25 hours a week multiplied by 52 weeks = 1,300 hours a year; thatís a staggering 80 days a year based on 16 waking hours. Itís almost a quarter of your life. Just imagine what you could do with that time. Itís nearly a 3 month holiday. You would have time to do anything you wanted, pass an exam, learn a musical instrument or a language, help your children to succeed, read those books you always wanted or write that book. There are so many things you could do if you just plan for that extra free time

There is very little on TV these days worth watching and youíve probably seen it all before anyway whether itís yet another soap, a murder mystery, violence, sex or one of these endless reality shows. All just formula TV, easy couch potato recipes for an undemanding audience. The people who produce these poor quality programmes and the programme planners who put them on get extravagantly paid for their substandard efforts but probably never watch any of the poor programmes themselves. They just fill a space in the schedules. There needs to be less TV but of a higher quality and less of the same annoying people who turn up on every show.

There is nothing admirable in watching endless TV every night. We do it out of habit or laziness or to escape from thinking or from ourselves. It is just like a drug and we become addicted to our TV fix and our lives just drain away in front of a screen.

Itís time to SWITCH OFF. TV should not rule our minds or our lives. Like all bad habits and drug addictions they can be broken. Donít look at whatís coming on the TV. Plan to be more constructive with your new found free time and donít switch the TV on at all. If you must have something on rediscover the joys of radio. You can at least be productive with the radio on in the background.

Just as an experiment try living without television for a month, the world will still be the same at the end of the month but you will have changed for the better. The TV programmes will be exactly the same but you will have moved on in your life. Do you dare to take the challenge? Are you afraid of change? Do you want your life to change? Can you do it?

If we all switch off, the TV companies will be forced to put on quality programmes and will have less money to employ those irritating untalented people that get paid far too much and crop up on every other show.

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Television was not intended to make human beings vacuous, but it is an emanation of their vacuity. - Malcolm Muggeridge

Watching TV is staring into Oblivion.

In Beverley Hills, they don't throw their garbage away - they make it into television shows. - Woody Allen

The triumph of machine over people. - Fred Allen