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Picture of Weybridge

Weybridge is where many of the rich and some famous people of Surrey live, although it is not exclusively wealthy people as they do need some poorer people in the area to clean their houses, cook, wash and mow their lawns. They did use to say that’s why they built Addlestone which is a slur on the good people of that town. St George’s Hill is the really expensive area but there are many pleasant, well groomed, leafy roads around the town. The town itself is nothing much, just one street really with a Waitrose, a few good restaurants (pricy but worth it), a walk in Hospital, useful if you cut yourself while doing the DIY on Sunday, lots of Banks (they need somewhere to keep all that money), a couple of decent Off Licences with some bottles at a fiver. The people in the wine shop are friendly but can spot how much money you have as soon as you walk in and direct you to the appropriate aisles. Alas not the £100 bottles for me.

Weybridge is between Chertsey, Addlestone and Walton. It is another town that has changed very little over the years. The river Wey, where Weybridge gets its name, joins the river Thames just north of Weybridge. There are some very good walks and cycle rides along the rivers. You can go along the river from Weybridge all the way up to Walton Bridge. Weybridge’s Railway station is just up the hill, out of the town and enjoys a fast and frequent service to London but you’ll struggle to park there during the week. Weybridge like all towns in Surrey is blighted by traffic and the lack of parking.

A little history – it is in the Doomsday book and was a main river crossing. Henry VIII, who else, married his 5th wife Catherine Howard at Oatlands palace where a really good hotel, the Oatlands Park Hotel, is now sited.

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