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Picture of Woking

Woking is a sizeable town in Surrey. It has a modern town centre with all the big high street shops. It does lack a bit of character from being new but on the plus side most of the shops are in the Peacocks Shopping Mall so you can shop at leisure without getting wet. The town has been well thought out and there is plenty of parking in the multi-storeys in the town and you can actually get into the Mall from the car parks, all designed to effortlessly relieve you of your hard earned money. There is a large Asian community which adds much colour and vibrancy to the town.

Woking is real commuter belt land with fast trains up to Waterloo that take about 30 minutes. There is plenty of good quality housing all around the town and plenty of good areas to live in. It is not far from the M25, M3 and A3 and traffic seems to flow smoothly through and around the town.

Woking has a number of good restaurants offering a variety of cuisine and there are plenty of pubs. It also has a large multiplex cinema and a very good Theatre, the New Victoria, which is very popular so book early to avoid disappointment. If you come across the large silver objects outside the ‘Big Apple’ Family entertainment centre and are wondering what they are, the aliens are from H.G. Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds’ as in his famous novel the aliens from Mars first landed near Woking and the aeroplane is the last Hawker Hunter built in Kingston.

There are a number of Parks around Woking, Goldsworth Park being one of the larger ones although Woking itself is next to open countryside so there are plenty of walking and cycling areas near by. The Basingstoke canal also runs through the town with plenty of interesting wildlife and is good for walking, cycling and picnicking at the many beauty spots.

Woking was mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086 but that was Old Woking which is some distance away from the new town. Old Woking is very small but retains its old worldly charm with St Peter’s church worthy of a visit.

Picture shows an alien from War of the Worlds

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