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Five year plan

If you haven’t got any plans you are just drifting through life. You are not in control; you are at the mercy of events, reacting to them rather than creating them. You are like a boat on the ocean without any means of steering, buffeted by the waves, at the mercy of the weather, not knowing where you will end up. I know it is clichéd but it is true.

Not a good position to be in yet this is how many of us go through life and then we wonder when we finally wake up, if we do, how we managed to achieve so little. How we have ended up not knowing who we are and what we are capable of.

We look at our lives and see that they have been made up of a lot of, ‘I wish’, ‘I hope’, ‘if only’ or even worse feeling sorry for ourselves, ‘never had the breaks’, ‘born on the wrong side of the tracks’, ‘too short’, ‘too tall’, ‘too black’, ‘female’ etc etc.

We were born with choice, with the power to choose our destiny but we don’t exercise that power and the less we exercise it the less able we are to use it. Like the muscles in our body if we don’t exercise them they become weak and flabby and eventually the lack of exercise damages our health. However it is never too late to regain that power.

I’m not saying you need to plan every minute of your day, plans have to be flexible, plans have to adjust to cater for changing circumstances but we need to have some overriding aspirations in our lives, some long term goals that we can attain over time. Something that we are in control of, that we are focussing on. It is in that focus that we become ourselves; the realisation of our inner being and power; our freedom.

It is doing what you want to do when you want to do it. It is that being in control that makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you believe that you can make a difference; that you have some power in your life.

Now for the practical exercise, record on your computer or on paper everything you want to achieve in life. You can have some fun with this, let your imagination rip. Take your time; make sure you think about every possible thing you want to achieve. You should be able to come up with a long list of at least 30 items. Here are a few things to get you started

Run your own business --< >-- Learn a Language
Get a qualification --< >-- Climb a mountain
Be friendlier --< >-- Live/work abroad
Parachute jump --< >-- Read more
Pay off your mortgage --< >-- Be wiser
Travel the world --< >-- Do work for a Charity
Sail yachts in the Caribbean --< >-- Play the Piano
Write a book --< >-- Be kinder
Be friendlier --< >-- Run a marathon
Go to the theatre --< >-- Get Fit
Spend more time with your children --< >-- Learn to cook
Get a bigger house --< >-- Buy a sports car
Teach in India --< >-- Get out more
Be confident --< >-- Learn to fly

Now from you’re list choose about 5 items, 3 which are most important like getting a qualification and maybe another 2 which you would like to do and are not too difficult to achieve, like learning a language or playing the piano. These will be your goals for the next 3 to 5 years; this is what you will work towards.

You must believe that your goals are attainable because only when you truly believe will you get there. These goals should be ever present to you, should become part of your inner fabric, the more you believe in them the more they will become a reality. The world has a way of delivering to us what we truly desire.

Another practical exercise to help you fix your ideas. Write down what would be your perfect day, your perfect week, month, year. Spend some time on this, make it is plausible and real as you can. Will the goals you have chosen move you towards you’re perfect day? If not you will need to adjust your goals. Your perfect day is your ultimate goal, keep it ever present.

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